Prices / Costs

What do web design, programming or WordPress development services cost? How is it charged?

Prices / Costs for Web Design & Web Development

Every single project is individually planned, designed and technically implemented by us according to your objectives. You will always receive a tailor-made offer from us to match your specific project.

Depending on the requirements and scope of your projects, we offer different pricing models:

Fixed price
For well-defined tasks and manageable scope, we offer you a fixed price quotation. Fixed prices also apply to our standardized products, software or licenses.

Hourly rate / Daily rate
For tasks that are not clearly defined or ongoing work, we offer an hourly rate / daily rate. Of course, we will provide you with a cost estimate in advance.

Maintenance and service contracts
For ongoing maintenance of websites or applications, we offer suitable maintenance and service contracts. Together we define a budget, timeline and the scope of the tasks.

For easy maintenance of website content without any programming or design services, we offer a reduced hourly rate. Package prices are also available if you book fixed hourly packages over a longer period.

Free initial contact

To help you choose the right agency and to give you an idea of the potential costs, we offer you the first interview on your planned project as a free service. However, we will charge for in-depth advice and any incurred travel costs for on-site appointments. Of course, we will inform you about possible costs in advance.

What does web design / WordPress development cost?

It is difficult to give a general cost estimate for web services as each project is unique in terms of implementation and client objectives.

Service providers that quote low, all-inclusive prices of a few hundred euros usually reuse the same templates and offer little scope for individualization or special services. Since we have specialized in this area, you will always receive an individual offer for your planned project.

Why is the budget an important factor?

To some extent, you can compare the costs of Internet services with those of watches, at least to illustrate the price structure.

You can buy an expensive Swiss luxury watch or a simple, inexpensive watch from a popular fashion brand. Both watches show the time, so you may not see much difference on the surface, but under the hood, or in other words, at the movement, quality differences are evident. The movement of the simple watch does not compare in quality to the fine movement of the Swiss luxury watch.

It is similar in the web space. Under the hood, that is, in the code, web pages can differ fundamentally in terms of optimization, performance, ease of editing, and more. The interface or design might appear the same.

Therefore it is helpful to us if you already have a budget in mind. Then, we can better gauge which services make sense for you, or whether, for cost reasons, a standard product with a few cutbacks is better suited than a custom implementation.

We do not wish to sell you on a luxury watch. At the forefront of this decision stands your budget, and knowing that, will allow us to offer you the best possible service.

We can also offer assistance to help you determine a reasonable budget if that is still an open decision.

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