App development for iOS and Android.

We plan and develop your Smartphone / Tablet App with the multi-platform framework Cordova / Phonegap.

App Development
for iOS and Android Devices

In today’s digital world, the mobile user experience of your products is becoming increasingly important. In addition to optimizing your service for smartphones and tablets, apps can also complement your Marketing strategy.

We will help you with the conception of your app and advise you on useful functions, suitable publishing platforms, and your monetization strategy.

Furthermore, we can offer you a complete range of implementation services. Adding to the conception / planning, this covers the design and development phase of your app.

We specialize in “app to website” interactions because apps often access multimedia elements, user data or other content of the actual website to offer an enhanced user experience on mobile devices.

Of course, we can also assist you with your standalone app that does not retrieve data from a website.

Cordova / Phonegap
The multi-platform development environment

We specialize in the development of apps for iOS and Android using the multi-platform frameworks Cordova and PhoneGap. That enables us to develop native apps that run on all current mobile platforms with comparatively little effort.

That affords you more flexibility in the future in terms of publication platforms. You can add additional platforms with relative ease compared to fully native apps, for which you must write in Objective-C for one device and in JAVA for another.

If you are interested in a Cordova or PhoneGap implementation for your app, we are looking forward to your project inquiry and ideas.

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