Web Design and Conception

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. We make sure it is perfect.

Web Design and Conception
We help you look great.

An old proverb says: “You only have one first impression.” Today, the Internet is often the first point of contact for potential customers. Conception and web design of the website are therefore of great importance. Only if graphic design, advertising graphics, web design, and conception succeed, the first impression is good. That is especially important on the internet for a customer can switch to another service provider with ease.

The significance of the website as an advertising medium

The website has become the most important advertising platform for many companies and businesses. That is because potential customers first search the Internet for products and services, often making their purchasing decision as well. A well-designed website with a convincing web design significantly contributes to conversion and business success.

Our agency in Berlin helps you to build a website that is technically and creatively up to date, no matter whether your company is in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. As a modern internet agency, we operate throughout the DACH region. We know the peculiarities and preferences of Internet users and can work with you to design a website that meets the needs of your customers and company. We mostly use the CMS WordPress, which combines great freedom of design with simple administration.

Increase recognition value
With us, you will always be remembered.

It is not only about the design. Companies that established their brand prior to the internet boom face the challenge to maintain their brand identity online. Established brands, symbols, and frequently used colors must be well-displayed. We must respect the corporate identity in both web design and graphic design.

Your partner with many years of practical experience

In our many years of experience as an advertising and Internet agency, we have come to two major conclusions concerning corporate design: (1) uniform appearance is key and (2) the customer looks for the familiar and is happy when she recognizes a well-known, proven company at first sight on the internet.

Here is another factor that is often ignored by companies: Using a default, widely adopted template for your website creates a lot of ambiguity. If a company does not care about differentiating its appearance, the customer will be indifferent regarding brand loyalty, too.

With our agency you can make the difference: Together with you, we develop your corporate design strategy and implement this strategy for you, from conception to web design, graphic design, the creation of advertising graphics, and more.

Advertising graphics for banner advertising on the Internet

Your website is an indispensable component of a modern advertising strategy. The same applies to banners advertising on other websites. The demands on these banners with regard to conception and graphic design are high. With our many years of experience, we are happy to assist you in the conception and web design of these banners.

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