PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio

HTML5 Audio Plugin for WordPress with extensive configuration options.

PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio

PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio – with Cache Support is the long name of this rather simple and yet very helpful open source plugin for WordPress. The PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio Plugin is based on the Open Source Plugin oEmbed HTML5 Audio from Honza Skypala, but was completely reprogrammed and therefore contains hardly any code from the “old” original version of Skypala.

The first version of PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio was a slightly improved version of the Honza Skypala plugin which did not support cache systems like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. These cache systems are essential for larger websites to ensure good performance. The first version of our plugin added exactly this function; support for cache systems.

With the second update the plugin got a new and object-oriented code base and was equipped with much additional functionality. For example, we integrated extensive shortcodes to control the audio implementation, standard settings which users can set globally for all audio files, and a generator for the already mentioned shortcodes.

Despite the recent addition of multimedia functions to WordPress, this plugin still offers a great deal of added value in terms of features and settings.

Overview of the PB oEmbed HTML5 audio features

  • oEmbed support for mp3, ogg and wav audio files
  • HTML5 Audio Shortcode
  • Shortcode generator
  • Compatible with cache systems such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache
  • Flash Fallback for old browsers

  PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio – Plugin Page

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