Simple FadeSlideShow

jQuery Slideshow Plugin with fading effects, extensive options, and easy integration.

Simple FadeSlideShow

The Simple FadeSlideShow or FSS named JavaScript Slideshow is an extensive and yet fast jQuery slider (plugin). As the name of this extension suggests, the Simple FadeSlideShow enables slideshows with simple transition effects.

The plugin is designed to not sacrifice performance for customizability. You can customize your slideshows down to the last detail.

The minified version of the slideshow weighs only ~3.8kb and is hardly noticeable on modern websites. Loading time is becoming more and more important, and this script is rather slim compared to many other alternatives. We provide extensive documentation for all functions in both English and German.

For further information, visit the Simple FadeSlideShow microsite:

  Visit Simple FadeSlideShow Microsite

simple fadeSlideShow

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