simpleCE (mini CMS).

Our in-house CMS simpleCE offers end users a simple / straightforward editing option whilst providing web designers with an easy website integration.

simpleCE v.2.0 (mini CMS)

simpleCE (simple Content Editing) is a simple content management system with front-end editing functionality based on PHP & MySQL. That means you can edit your content, files, and images from the perspective of your users. There is no complex back-end, no complicated settings or other obstacles. The system has been designed so that you do not have to adjust to a complex template or theme system. You can individually design templates using your own PHP Includes.

Therefore, simpleCE is especially suitable for small to medium sized websites, but also for special cases, which are not yet covered directly by an existing CMS. That includes, for example, Facebook apps or fan pages, which can easily manage with simpleCE as websites. The same applies to many different content elements that would be difficult to integrate into other systems.

The actual system offers an ID-based element system: You can insert text, image and file elements into all your PHP files without much effort. The editing interface and lightbox functions are independently managed and integrated by the system.

In order to integrate simpleCE into your website, no extensive expert knowledge is required, only a few basics in the area of HTML and PHP—if you are not a pro, both the documentation and video instructions are a great aid. Thanks to the enclosed video tutorial, you can integrate simpleCE into your website in 5-10 minutes.

simpleCE—system and documentation—is available in English and German.

The Features

  • Easy installation and integration
  • Editing Contents in the front-end
  • Drag & Drop function for moving content
  • Modern and easy to use interface
  • A WYSIWYG editor for simple text editing
  • Image and File Upload
  • Simple user and rights management
  • Simple image manipulation by means of integrated functions
  • Automatic lightbox integration
  • No complex template system
  • A cache system for faster website delivery
  • Customize branding in administration mode
  • Completely customizable administration area / back-end
  • Install updates with a simple click

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Both language versions are included (German and English).

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Should you not be able to purchase simpleCE on CodeCanyon, you can also purchase the system directly from us. Just send us an email.

simpleCE Login

simpleCE - Dashboard

simpleCE - Frontend Editor

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