10 marketing trends 2024

10 marketing trends 2024

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January 2, 2024

In a rapidly changing world, it is essential for marketers to understand and utilize the latest trends and technologies.
In 2024, we see a Impressive variety innovative marketing strategies that benefit from the progressive Development artificial intelligence, the increasing influence of influencers and the use of immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

These trends show how dynamic and diverse the marketing field will be in 2024 and offer exciting prospects for brands to maximize their presence and impact in the digital space.

10 marketing trends 2024

1 AI - possibilities and limits

The year 2023 gave us a revealing insight into the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence in the marketing industry. It became clear that while AI tools such as ChatGPT are a enormous potential but have their limits in certain areas. In particular, these tools have reached their limits when creating high-quality texts, as they cannot accurately reflect the characteristic brand voice and cannot generate completely target group-specific, unique content.
At the same time, AI solutions in other areas of marketing have Positive accents set. They proved to be Useful helpers in the research of content and the creation of marketing plans, with particular emphasis on their Speed and Efficiency were appreciated.

In 2024, artificial intelligence will remain an important component in the toolbox of marketing experts. The role of AI will change develop further and increasingly used as a support tool. Once again, particular attention is being paid to ChatGPT, but other AI systems are also becoming increasingly important. One example of this is the launch of Google Gemini, a multimodal AI model that offers a wide range of possible applications in marketing. Gemini can process not only text, but also images, audio and video. This ability to understand and process a wide range of information formats surpasses that of ChatGPT and opens up new perspectives for effective marketing strategies.

10 marketing trends 2024

2. influencer marketing - authentic branding

Word of mouth is one of the most effective Marketing strategies. People tend to try products or services that are recommended by people they trust and know. Influencer marketing, a essential component of social media marketing, modernized This concept for the digital age by embracing cooperation between brands and individuals with specific niches and large online subscriber numbers.

 In 2024, influencer marketing will continue to be used by 93 % of marketers for the following reasons:

  •  Increase in brand awarenessCollaboration with influencers increases the visibility of the brand.
  •  Building trust and authorityInfluencers, who are seen as trusted voices in their fields, give brands credibility.
  •  Reaching the target groupInfluencers enable brands to reach specific target groups directly and effectively.
  •  Driving conversionsInfluencer recommendations can lead to increased sales figures.
  •  Generating leadsInfluencers can make potential customers aware of brand products.
  •  Setting a new trendInfluencers are often trendsetters and can help to popularize new products or services.
  •  Connecting to a broader marketInfluencers with a large and diverse following can help brands reach a wider audience.

In 2024, brands are using influencer marketing not only to achieve short-term goals, but also to build more authentic relationships with their target audience. This is increasingly done through the appointment of long-term "Brand ambassadors". Such mutually beneficial relationships allow brands to build lasting bonds with their influencer partners. At the same time, influencers can maintain the trust of their target group via social media by continuously promoting the same brand over longer periods of time.

3. video content and live streaming

Video content has established itself as a central focus in social media as it has the ability to capture the audience's attention for longer than static posts. With formats such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, marketers are using short, concise videos to Increase interactions and raise awareness of their brands, especially among millennials and Generation Z.

Live streaming has also emerged as an effective trend in marketing. A 2021 report shows that consumers are expected to spend around 548 billion hours streaming on mobile devices. Combined with influencer marketing, live streaming offers the opportunity for potential customers to engage with influencers in real time. They can present the product, discuss it and even enable viewers, during the stream to make a purchase.

10 marketing trends 2024

4. improve user-friendliness on devices

User experience (UX) is far more than just a buzzword or a fleeting trend in marketing. It concerns the experience and feeling of a person interacting with a system. Effective UX design creates a positive experiencefulfills the needs of users and promotes their loyalty to the product or brand.

A brand's website (and/or app) is often its most valuable marketing tool. An outstanding UX can be crucial in attracting customers at the beginning of the purchase funnel (top-of-funnel). When designing a website, you should focus on a Simple layout, User-friendly navigation and a not overloaded presentation of information on important landing pages. In addition, the Optimization for mobile devices This is crucial, as more than half of the world's Internet users surf on mobile devices.

 Current trends in UX design include:

  • Minimalism and "blanding"in other words, a design without annoying advertising and pop-ups.
  • Voice-controlled interfaceswhich enable intuitive operation.
  • Hands-free controls for an interactive user experience.
  • Animationsto increase user fascination.
  • Block web design for a clear structuring of content.
  • Scrollytellingthat is, telling a story while scrolling.
  • Use of bold colors for visual highlighting.
  • Integration of video content to increase user interaction.

5. voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular

Marketers are increasingly recognizing the importance of Voice search in search engine optimization (SEO). Digital voice assistants, which were originally designed for simple, informative queries such as "What's the weather like today?", are now increasingly being used for more specific and more individual search queries. Questions such as "Which cinemas are open in my area?" or "Where can I get good popcorn?" are being asked more and more frequently.
Companies are adapting to this development by changing the way they present information. To provide users with answers based on their search intentions, developers now prefer a conversational question and answer format. This gives consumers using voice search faster access to high quality and accurate information.

10 marketing trends 2024

6. interactive content

In today's digital era, interaction with the audience is crucial. Away from static presentations, towards a dynamic and engaging experience - this is the new reality of the internet. Over the past ten years, the content we come across online has changed dramatically. It now demands the active participation of users. Marketing professionals have recognized this change and are turning to innovative, interactive experiences to maximize audience engagement. This includes formats such as:

  • Dynamic Infographics
  • Stimulating quiz
  • Interactive Games
  • Practical online calculator
  • Exciting Competitions
  • Personal assessments
  • Explorative interactive maps
  • Captivating interactive videos

It's an open secret among marketers, with 81 % confirming that this type of content is significantly more effective at capturing the attention of the target audience compared to traditional, static media. The use more interactive Content is not just for entertainment, but also pursues strategic goals such as:

  • Increasing user participation
  • Deepening understanding and learning among customers
  • Increase in lead generation and conversion rates
  • Promotion of a stronger bond with the brand
  • Improving the overall customer experience

 Interactive content therefore represents a future-oriented approach that not only attracts the attention of users, but also makes a significant Added value for the overall customer experience.

7. deinfluencing

In the ever-changing world of marketing, the term "deinfluencer" has recently gained prominence, especially in the context of social media for 2024. Deinfluencers offer a fresh perspective as opposed to the conventional Influencers, who usually emphasize products in a positive way. They take on a contrary role by promoting products critical scrutinize and illuminate.
A typical example of this are experts in the field of skincare who are active on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. They browse drugstore products and rate them based on their ingredients and effects. In doing so, they often reveal the use of harmful or ineffective ingredients in popular products.

There are also formats such as the YouTube channel "offen un' ehrlich" by ZDF and funk. This channel takes a humorous look at the hidden tactics and strategies behind some popular products that are primarily marketed through influencer marketing and social media. This development reflects a growing trend towards more Authenticity and Transparency in product evaluation, which in turn leads to a change in the marketing strategies of companies.

10 marketing trends 2024

8 The shopping revolution

With the rise of social commerce, social media such as Facebook and Instagram have evolved far beyond their traditional roles as sources of inspiration and information. They now act as interfaces that not only inspire, but also provide direct access to Shopping facilities offer. The special thing about this concept is the possibility, Seamless purchases within the respective app the path from discovery to purchase, which considerably shortened. This development, known as social shopping, is considered to be one of the key trends in marketing in 2024.

At the same time, the use of social media platforms as search engines has become established. Users rely on these channels to inspire and discover new products. Platforms such as Pinterest, which serve as visual search engines, offer particularly appealing visual content. In this context, it is clear that users are often more open to advertising messages than in traditional search engines or on conventional websites.

9. looking to the future

Sustainability and environmental protection will remain key issues in the coming year. Consumers are attaching increasing importance to the fact that companies are not only committed to climate protection, but are also actively taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint. Minimize environmental impact. Superficial solutions that arouse suspicion of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) or greenwashing are increasingly being rejected by critical consumers.

This is about much more than simply switching from plastic to paper packaging. What is needed profound Changes in terms of social responsibility, ethically responsible supply chains and a general rethink of corporate strategy. Brands that demonstrate a genuine commitment in these areas in 2024 and communicate this credibly can be awarded a increasing popularity with the consumers calculate.

10 marketing trends 2024

10 VR and AR in marketing

The future of marketing will be significantly shaped by the integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), reinforced by the parallel development of advanced Artificial intelligence. These technologies offer unique opportunities to integrate products into immersive, virtual environments, going far beyond the traditional brand experience. The combination of entertainment value and practical application creates a new dimension of customer engagement that generates interest and influences the purchase decision through a profound experience. positive can influence.

For brands, the use of VR and AR in the year 2024 enormous Potential. Companies that embrace these technologies at an early stage could gain a significant competitive advantage. This is particularly relevant in industries such as retail, real estate and events, where VR and AR enhance the customer experience through virtual showrooms, interactive product presentations or immersive event experiences. redefine can.

The use of AR in mobile applications also offers the opportunity to enrich the physical world with digital information, creating revolutionary use cases in areas such as retail or education.
All in all, the combination of VR and AR with AI technology enables brands to not only present their products in an innovative way, but also to create in-depth, personalized customer experiences that pave the way for a new era in digital marketing.



We are at an exciting turning point in marketing in 2024. The rapid Development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the growing importance of influencer marketing and the revolution brought about by immersive technologies such as VR and AR will have a significant impact on the marketing of the future.
These trends not only offer fascinating opportunities for brands to communicate their messages creatively and effectively, but also open up new ways to build deeper and more authentic relationships with customers.

The challenge is to use these new tools and technologies intelligently and Responsible to meet the growing demands and wishes of customers. It's not just about moving with the times, but rather about anticipating and shaping trends.
In a world in which the Digitization continues to advance inexorably, the willingness to constantly adapt and innovate is the key to success. We can look forward to seeing how these trends develop and what new opportunities they will offer companies and consumers in the coming years.


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