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What does web design, programming or WordPress development actually cost and how is it charged.
We explain the prices and costs of a web project!

Prices in web design & web development

What you need to know about the costs and billing

Each individual project is planned, designed and technically implemented by us individually and according to your objectives. Matching your individual projects, you will also always receive a customized offer from us.

Web design and development

Depending on the requirements and scope of your projects, we offer different pricing models:

Fixed price
For clearly defined tasks and manageable scope, we are happy to offer you a fixed price quote. Likewise, fixed prices apply to our standardized products, software or licenses.

Hourly rate / Daily rate
For tasks that are not quite clearly defined or work that corresponds more to an ongoing process, we offer billing based on an hourly rate / daily rate. Of course, we will be happy to provide you with an approximate KVA in advance in order to determine the expected costs.

Maintenance and service contracts
For longer maintenance of websites or applications, we offer you appropriate maintenance and service contracts. Together we define a budget and a term as well as the tasks that will be implemented during this time.

For the simple maintenance of website content without any programming or design services, we offer a reduced hourly rate and package prices when booking fixed hourly packages over a longer term.

Free initial contact

To help you choose the right agency and give you an idea of the possible costs, we offer a free initial consultation to your planned project as a free service. 

What does web design / WordPress development cost

The cost of web services is very difficult to lump sum, because each project is implemented individually and according to the objectives and ideas of each client.

Service providers who offer you low flat rates of a few hundred euros usually work with the same templates and offer little scope for individualization or special services. However, since we specialize in exactly this area, you will always receive an individual offer from us for your planned project.

Why the budget is an important factor

The cost of Internet services can be compared to some extent with watches, at least to illustrate the price structure.

You can buy an expensive Swiss luxury watch or a simple and cheap watch of a common fashion brand. You can read the time on both watches, so on the surface there may not be much difference, but under the hood, or in other words, the movement is where opinions differ. Here, the movement of the simple watch cannot keep up with the fine movement of the Swiss luxury watch.

It is similar in the web area. A website can be fundamentally different from other sites under the hood, i.e. in the code, optimization, performance, comfort of editing options, etc., although it may even appear similar in terms of the interface or design.

Therefore, it is helpful for us to get a budget from you, so we can find out exactly which services are useful for you and which are not, or whether, for example, a standard product with a few cutbacks is more suitable for cost reasons than a completely individual implementation of a function.

We don't want to force the luxury watch on you if you don't really want it, and by specifying an appropriate budget, you help us get the most out of it.

We will also be happy to help you determine a reasonable budget, if the decision on an appropriate sum is still open.

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