Our software and plugin solutions.

Here is a short overview of the software and plugins we have developed. Included are, for example, the mini CMS simpleCE, various WordPress / jQuery plugins, and the online service "my code stock.com."

Google Analytics Germanized

Google Analytics Germanized helps to integrate Google Analytics in a privacy-compliant way, offers a modern interface and a lot of additional settings like functions.

PB SEO Friendly Images

Simple, fast and automatic search engine friendly images for WordPress. With PB SEO Friendly Images you can automatically optimize the alt and title attributes of your images.

my code stock.com

mycodestock.com is a simple and intuitive service for web designers and developers to store and manage code snippets safely and easily.

Web Design Podcast Slideshow

The “Web Design Podcast Slideshow” was originally created as a slideshow for Webdesign-Podcast.de, hence its name. Meanwhile, the plugin has been released as Open Source and proves to be a modern, flexible slider that can move any media, text or other objects.

Simple FadeSlideShow

The jQuery plugin “Simple FadeSlideShow” is an open source slideshow plugin. In addition to extensive configuration options, the plugin offers seamless customization options for almost any website. It has a remarkably small file size of just 3.8KB. That makes the slideshow suitable for various applications.


The open source jQuery plugin “MailCrypt” supports web designers with a simple but effective method to protect email addresses in websites. A free WordPress plugin is also available for WordPress users.

PB MailCrypt

“PB MailCrypt” is a small Open Source WordPress plugin, which is based on the jQuery plugin MailCrypt—also developed by our company. The plugin enables simple e-mail encryption by means of a shortcode.

PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio

“PB oEmbed HTML5 Audio” is an open source plugin for WordPress that allows you to integrate audio files with Flash Fallback HTML5 for all devices. The plugin offers various settings and a generator with upload option to create more extensive shortcodes.

pbSocialNetworks Pro

“pbSocialNetworks” is the ultimate social media extension for WordPress. Besides the well-known sharing buttons, this plugin offers extensive settings for Open Graph data and social media statistics. The best thing about this plugin is that it is available free of charge as Open Source software.

simpleCE v.2.0 (mini CMS)

“simpleCE (simple Content Editing)” is a simple content management system with frontend editing functionality. There is no complex backend, no complicated settings or other obstacles. The system has been designed so that you do not have to adjust to a complex template or theme system…

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