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StartUp and Founder Starter Package

Business founders are full of ideas and want one thing above all: to finally get started and realize their business ideas. This is exactly where we stand by your side.

StartUp and Founder

Carefree to the complete business equipment

Start-ups are full of ideas and want one thing above all: to finally get going and make their business ideas a reality. As a full-service Internet agency in the heart of Berlin and the greater North Rhine-Westphalia area, we can experience this start-up spirit first-hand and are happy about every new bright idea. But unfortunately, we also often experience that many founders burn for their idea, but neglect the marketing.

Without advertising, even the best idea cannot spread: Without advertising and marketing, even the most innovative company will remain without customers.

Our starter package for founders

Our starter package for founders

To help founders get off to a successful start, we have developed a starter package. From experience with many StartUps, which we have already successfully supported on their way to independence, we know what StartUps need: In addition to comprehensive advice on the most diverse options for designing the startup's appearance online and offline, we offer the young companies comprehensive services from designing the logo to designing and programming the website to creating the business stationery with business cards, letterhead and more.

From logo to corporate identity

Many entrepreneurs and startups who launch a new product or service underestimate the importance of a logo. Often, own designs are used, which represent the product, the service or the company more badly than right. In the enthusiasm for their own design, they underestimate that a good logo is more than just an interchangeable symbol.

It is one of the most important means of establishing a brand. In turn, customers associate a brand with more than just the pure benefits of a product or service. A brand expresses desires and visions, values and feelings. As marketing experts, we know from our many years of experience in working with start-ups how important it is to establish such a brand - even and especially if you see yourself only as a "small" start-up.

Of course, we use the logo on the website, stationery and other marketing materials that we design for the StartUp. It's quite amazing how this continuous logo use creates a corporate design that constantly demonstrates the value of the StartUp to customers.

Web design for startups

We make you look really good on the Internet

It goes without saying that our starter package includes the design and development of a website. Today, it should hardly be possible to start a business without a presence on the Internet. But what kind of website should it be? Technically, almost everything is possible today, but not everything is always necessary. No matter if it is a website for a new fashion label, an online store for electronics or an online exhibition for budding artists - we bring our experience with startups into the conversation with our clients and develop a concept for the website together.

Of course, we have many technical solutions for many questions - should a payment system or a booking system be set up: We can fulfill many requirements that are placed on the website of our customers because of plugins and widgets. At the same time, we promise not to sell solutions for problems that don't even exist - because as already mentioned, our websites should be oriented towards the demands and wishes of our customers.

Of course, the design of the Website according to the corporate design of the startup to ensure the recognition that is so important for customer loyalty. Of course, the logo plays an important role in this. If there is no corporate design yet, we help with the development. Finally, this corporate design is also reflected in the business stationery that we design for our customers as part of the starter package.

Logo Design / Brand Design

You can not do without business equipment

Of course, the Internet is the most important marketing channel for startups today. But especially in the start-up phase, printed business cards and stationery also play an important role. So founders are well advised not to miss any opportunity to put their business cards in good hands. Many a small talk at a standing reception has proven to be an important door opener for new business.

If the first correspondence follows a little later, great importance should also be attached here to ensuring that the stationery matches the design of the business card and the website. That's why it's advantageous to get everything from a single source with our complete package. Startups can't go wrong with our starter package. Contact us today.

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