Online marketing

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The most beautiful and fastest website / store is only successful if it is also called by potential customers. By means of Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter & Co. we provide the necessary visitor traffic to your website.

Online marketing

Only pay what you really get!

Online marketing measures are the most successful and effective compared to all other forms of advertising, especially for all small and medium-sized businesses.

Compared to other forms of advertising, e.g. ads in newspapers or TV commercials, advertising forms on the Internet have significant advantages. In print media or even TV, you usually pay a high amount and reach only an unspecific number of people and approximate target group.

On the Internet, you can advertise to very specific target groups and, in most cases, only pay when a prospective customer actually clicks on your ad. Thus, you only spend money when a potential customer is really interested in your product or business.

Online Marketing - Google Ads

There are also no fixed minimum budgets for most online marketing measures. Theoretically, ads can be placed for as little as one euro and the budget can be adjusted on a daily or monthly basis.

Furthermore, modern statistics systems allow you to track exactly how many visitors you have received via online advertising and whether they perform actions (conversions) on your website, e.g. purchases in the online store or inquiries via a form.

The bottom line is that online marketing is therefore the most effective and best form of advertising. You have a low and very flexible cost apparatus, target groups can be addressed very precisely and the actions of your potential customers can be tracked exactly.

Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

The large portals provide visitors!

Google, Facebook, Twitter & Co. have built up gigantic advertising networks over the past few years, through which potentially millions of people can be reached at favorable click prices (CPC).

We can help you launch your first campaigns at Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads set up. We support you not only with the campaign setup, but also with the technical integrations for conversion capture as well as retargeting measures.

We support you throughout the entire process, from setup to regular optimization and evaluation of your campaigns.

Put your ads in our experienced hands. Together we will improve your performance and bring you closer to your business goal!

Online Marketing - Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Do you already have active campaigns?

We examine your past performance data in a extensive check and cover Weaknesses in structureKeywords or Tracking  on.

In addition, we check your Ad and keyword quality, your alignment settings in the Display & Video Network as well as the Quality of your shopping feed.

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