Support and Help.

Do you have questions about our products and need support? No problem, we are happy to help you wherever we can.


The daily requirements and challenges in the corporate web & IT sector are constantly increasing. Professional support can save you a lot of stress and work in this context.

We support our existing customers as well as new customers in their challenges, providing externally created websites & applications.

You can use our support form at any time to send inquiries for the relevant topics. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please consider the following information, if applicable to your request:

WordPress Support

We are happy to support you with your problems or questions regarding WordPress. We kindly ask for your understanding that we can answer questions about plugins and websites not created by us only in exchange for a service fee.

More information about WordPress Support.

WordPress-Plugins / Open Source Plugins / Other Software

You can receive basic free support via various support forums. For more detailed questions and extensive support, please contact us via our support form to request a non-binding quote for professional support from us.

Since we provide and develop the Open Source Plugins and WordPress Plugins for you free of charge, we offer, in addition to this free service, only fee-based individual customer support (general questions will be answered via the forums).

We are happy to assist you with a wide range of questions quickly and conveniently.

Software / Plugins by CodeCanyon and Pro Versions

For our commercial software products and Pro versions of our plugins, you will, of course, receive free support within the scope of the support services and durations agreed upon during the purchase.

If you have questions about any products purchased through CodeCanyon, please use the support form on CodeCanyon or consult the respective product page.

Online tutorials on Udemy

For existing customers and course participants, we provide support for online courses exclusively via Udemy. All general questions about the course will be answered there in the “Questions & Answers” section.

Should there be further questions that go beyond the predefined course contents, there is, of course, the possibility to offer additional individual and fee-based training or work.

Interested parties have the opportunity to request an offer for individual training courses or other individual support via our support form.



For existing customers whose website development was carried out by us or for existing customers who are already on a support plan with us, no further support costs are incurred within the scope of their booked modules.

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