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Create awareness with newsletters

If you want to keep your customers regularly informed about important products, promotions or innovations, you can't do without a newsletter. That's why creating and sending one should be as uncomplicated as possible - and that's exactly our expertise.

We offer individual solutions that allow you to run successful email marketing without much effort. Whether for the area E-commerce or to disseminate important information - newsletters are still considered the most successful marketing tool to communicate with customers online.

Newsletters are also ideal for informing interested parties promptly about regional promotions, for example.

Customized solutions for email marketing

The be-all and end-all for the confident handling of this marketing tool is the system with which you compose your newsletter. Here we are happy to advise you and configure an email marketing tool ideal for your needs.

Where does the content come from, who can edit and does the email look good on every device in the end - these are exactly the questions we coordinate with you to find a perfect technical solution. After all, your message should be the most important thing, not the effort behind the newsletter.

Of course, this also includes the management and evaluation of email marketing. Both the database with the addressees or social media connections, as well as the possibility to plan the dispatch of a newsletter in advance or to formulate an autoresponder, flow into our considerations.

This will enable you to manage your email marketing even better in the future and optimize communication with your customers.

Newsletter in perfection

Design and functionality in harmony

The newsletter experience for the customer starts with the smooth signup and ends with the email that they can open on any device and read all the important information immediately. That's why responsive designed templates are part of our offer. These templates adapt to the particular browser so that your newsletter is easy to read on the customer's desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Even in the conception of these designs, we pay attention to the use of images, Texts and links whose design both fits your corporate design but remains flexible enough for different views. By combining technical know-how and a sense for modern web design, we create appealing newsletters that match your ideas from logo to footer.

Good email marketing is the business card of customer communication and our offer will help you make the best impression.

We are there for you - Germany-wide!

Our Agency is based in East Westphalia Lippe, but operates primarily in the heart of the Berlin startup scene, which is why the capital is naturally one of our core regions. But we can also score particularly well with our expertise around Bielefeld and in the greater North Rhine-Westphalia area.

Here, we can provide you with particularly effective advice and support for regionally focused email marketing.

But of course the internet is borderless, which is why our offer is valid for the complete German-speaking area of the DACH region. As flexible web workers we are not only available for customers on all channels but also happy to answer all your questions about our offer. We welcome orders from all corners of the republic to put our know-how to work for you.

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