Social media and local business profiles

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Maps and Co. - We help you to get on well in the social networks and local business directories.

Social Media Marketing

Your marketing gateway to the world.

It's hard to imagine the marketing world without social media. Facebook, Twitter and the like have brought about a fundamental change in media use in recent years. Today, business and advertisers can no longer escape this trend. Many customers today expect a presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp and the other networks.

But that's not all: companies and businesses that cannot be found in social networks are not noticed at all by an ever-growing group of customers - without listings in local business directories such as Google Maps, Yelp or Foursquare, many potential customers are therefore no longer reached at all. Our Internet agency in Berlin helps you throughout the DACH region to build and strengthen your presence in social media.

Social media profile setup

As a professional internet service provider in Berlin, we offer a comprehensive Range of services around the internet. Of course, this also includes your internet presence in the social networks. We help with the creation and setup of social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other platforms. We design your account and your pages in the social networks with meaningful and appropriate images and graphics, so that you can soon enjoy many friends, contacts and likes.

But before we get down to work, there is one important step that is often forgotten. Our experts will advise you and work with you to find out which social network is suitable. After all, not every network is suitable for all companies: Facebook, for example, is certainly still the big, universally known flagship. But that doesn't mean Facebook is always the best choice. Google+ or Twitter may be a better option for some companies if your target group can be found there.

WordPress care, maintenance and service

WordPress works like an application on the Internet. You get a username and password and log in with it. You will get to your dashboard after successful login. This is the control center of your website. Here the user can change the look of the page, add new features or disable others. We will be happy to explain the exact functionality of the individual areas, the so-called backend. This requires little time, because most of the functions are almost self-explanatory.

Maintenance & support includes that we support you with the regularly occurring maintenance work in the context of your website. This includes, for example, regular updates for the WordPress core installation, your plugins and, if necessary, the theme. We take care of setting up and creating regular backups, as well as securing your website against malware or other threats.

Of course, we also help with the little things in life: We would be happy to update the content on your website for you or support you with the Creation of new content.

The range of functions of WordPress

With WordPress you use a CMS with a wide range of functions. We use it to create a complete website that you can easily customize and manage.

So-called plugins extend the application possibilities of the software. So there are plugins to edit the texts according to aspects of Search engine optimization optimize or extensions that track current and past visitors to the site.

Widgets are also helpful. These are small software components that can be used to additionally customize the page. Among other things, the website owner can add certain elements (for example, HTML codes) to the sidebar or other dynamic elements.

For further questions about WordPress development, we are of course at your disposal.

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