WordPress Performance Optimization

Better page speed and shorter loading times for WordPress.

Better rankings in Google, lower bounce rate and improved conversion rate

The world is fast-paced, and this is not only true for our everyday lives. Visitors and customers expect fast access to information, services, and products. It does not matter whether your users are enjoying high-speed internet at home or have to make do with bad reception on the subway. They expect a lightning fast experience.

Websites and online services must be quickly accessible under all conditions, whether good or bad.

Google rewards fast websites with a better ranking. It made performance an essential factor of its ranking years ago, actually creating its own indicator, Google Pagespeed.

A WordPress performance optimization, however, does not only bring advantages for SEO. The loading time of a website has a direct influence on the conversion rate. The longer a website takes to load, the lower the conversion.

If a website takes longer than three seconds to load, more than 40% of visitors will drop out immediately. Each additional second that visitors have to wait reduces the conversion rate by an extra seven percent.

An impressive example: An additional second of loading time for the Amazon website would cost the company over 1.3 billion dollars a year in lost revenue. The revenue / conversion losses would increase disproportionately to each additional second of loading time.

  • Optimization of Images
  • Page Caching
  • Lazy Loading for Images and Videos
  • Above-The-Fold Optimization
  • Compressing & Deflate
  • Combing & Minifying
  • Reduction of HTTP Requests
  • Defer JS Loading
  • Optimization of Browser Caching
  • Google Fonts Optimization
  • Cache Preloading
  • CDN Integration
  • And Much More

Optimization Strategies for WordPress

A brief explanation of some of the optimization methods we use for WordPress optimization.


Caching means two things: (1) the static storage and delivery of dynamically generated content, for example, to optimize the so-called time-to-first byte. (2) The storage of static resources in the local browser cache of the user.

Cache Preloading

Cache preloading generates dynamic content in advance and stores it as static files in the cache. That reduces the load on the database and server. Furthermore, the preload assists in ensuring that visitors do not have to generate the cache with their call—Cache preloading speeds up the loading time.

Combing & Compressing

Combing describes the process in which several files of the same type, for example, CSS or JavaScript files, get merged. That reduces the number of files that have to be loaded.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading describes a process in which, for example, images and dynamic content such as videos get loaded delayed—the content does not get loaded with the page. Only once the visitor scrolls down to the corresponding content, it gets loaded. That saves traffic costs and loading time for the user because she only has to load the active view.

Defer & Async Loading

Defer & Async Loading for JavaScripts means that the scripts are loaded without blocking the rendering of the page. The scripts get loaded asynchronously to the other content and are later executed. The visitor can see and use the page faster.

Image Optimization

We can optimize most images on a website by 40-90% without negatively affecting the quality. This so-called lossless compression should be applied to all images.

We boost your performance

Are you interested in a WordPress performance optimization?

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