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We are more than just an online marketing agency service provider - We are the reliable partner at your side, because advertising is a matter of trust. With more than 15 years of experience, we know that every website has its own needs and pride ourselves on providing a personalized solution for every client.


Driven by passion and guided by curiosity to always find new ways!


Our profile and what makes us

Bajorat Media is an online marketing agency with a special focus on WordPress, design and development work and of course the most important online marketing measures, this includes for example search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Facebook Ads and display advertising in general.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, we have broad industry experience and have already achieved great success, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Full service and individual services in online marketing

At Bajorat Media, we give you the attention you need to succeed in this competitive world where every minute counts. Our full-service package includes everything from branding, website and landing page design to digital marketing strategy (SEO / SEM) and website maintenance so you can focus on what matters most - your business!

Bajorat Media - Berlin Office in the Factory

Berlin Office in the Factory

Bajorat Media - Herford office at Denkwerk

Herford office at Denkwerk

Agency profile and chronicle - Bajorat Media

The online marketing agency Bajorat Media - Webdesign & Development was founded in November 2006 in Lage (Lippe), a small town between Detmold and Bielefeld, by Pascal Bajorat was founded. Since September 2007, we have also focused on Berlin as a media stronghold, with a lively start-up scene, among other things, and are also personally available to you there.

Since then we are known as an innovative and progressive partner for your success on the web. As an internet service provider and WordPress Agency we develop and maintain individual and successful websites, internet applications, extensions, software, fanpages as well as marketing strategies for a wide range of clients.

In the past years, we were able to support the websites and web applications of various large and well-known companies. However, we are equally proud of the young start-ups that we have successfully supported in the past and where we have contributed significantly to their success in the online segment.

Our online marketing agency consists of a team of several permanent employees as well as a close circle of dedicated and always motivated freelancers, in addition to extensive partnerships with national and international companies of various specializations.

Thanks to this extensive network and well-trained colleagues, we can implement all orders at the highest level.

Rheinsberger Str. 76/77 , Berlin 10115
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday09:00 - 18:00

What we can do for you

As a professional internet service provider we can offer you a full service spectrum or individual services from our portfolio. In addition to our individual services in the field of web design, we offer the following overarching service directions:

Web design & WordPress

For small and medium businesses, we offer a full service concept in the field of web design & online marketing.

In addition to the complete creation of websites or online stores, we are happy to develop special solutions for you, such as WordPress plugins or themes. We are happy to optimize / revise your existing websites, landing pages or campaigns.

Online Marketing

A good website and concept for the general online presence is an important cornerstone. However, in order to generate new customers, contacts, clients or sales, you also need a steady stream of interested visitors.

We provide precisely this traffic with sophisticated online marketing measures, such as search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads or general display advertising.

Web software development

In the past years, our agency created several web software products, mainly plugins / extensions for WordPress.

Of course, we also develop completely individual software solutions or more complex web applications as contract work. Just tell us your idea, we will be happy to realize it together with you.

Excellent partner

Over the years, Bajorat Media Agency has received awards from various portals, partners and, last but not least, clients. With us, your project is in good hands!
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Recommended by customers - Proven Expert 2022
Proven Expert - Bajorat Media
Top Service Provider - Proven Expert 2023
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Lecturer of the year - Udemy

Your contact persons

Pascal Bajorat

Pascal Bajorat

Senior Web Developer

Sascha Rudolph

Sascha Rudolph

Art director

Bajorat Media - Online Marketing and WordPress Agency

Our values

We follow some simple rules in our philosophy, for a fair cooperation at eye level.

#1 No Bullshit

Sounds crude, but is all the more important! Our principle is not to conceal anything from you or to gloss over something just to sell something. If we are not sure, we will not conceal this from you.

We don't beat around the bush, we get to the point.

#2 Keep things simple

We do not artificially inflate projects or complicate simple things or work step. All work gets the necessary care and perfection, but it doesn't take a meeting over 4 hours to determine the size of an icon on the website.

Short meetings. Effective planning. Good documentation. Nice design. Awesome code. 

Our recipe for your success.

#3 Marketing is teamwork

We believe that clients should be treated and viewed as partners, because teamwork is essential for success. You will always work with an experienced web designer and online marketing expert who knows your industry and business model inside and out. In addition, you will receive our personal commitment to deliver outstanding work on time and on budget.

#4 Positive error culture

We are always committed to 100% your project and strive to deliver the best result. 

Nevertheless, we are only human and errors can happen, even if this should never be the rule and we try to map processes so that errors never occur.

However, if there is an error, we will fix it without long blame back and forth or sweeping things under the rug.

Only in this way can we be part of the solution, instead of part of a problem!

And what does it cost?

Every single project is individually planned, designed and technically implemented by us. Matching your objectives and individual projects, you will also always receive a customized offer from us. You can find more details on our subpage "Prices and costs„.

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