WordPress Multisite

Multiple WordPress sites in one installation. We support you with the setup, the move or further development

WordPress Multisite Installation

What is a WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite (also called Multiuser or Blognetwork) is a feature to manage multiple WordPress sites in one WordPress installation.

So you can run multiple WordPress websites with one physical installation. The websites can be operated either in sub-directories, with sub-domains or even with their own domains (domain mapping).

WordPress Multisite

Advantages of a WordPress Multisite

The big advantage comes from centralized management and maintenance.

For example, if you run 5 very similar WordPress-based websites or blogs, you would need to update 5 standalone systems each, or log in when content changes.

In the multisite environment, all subwebs benefit from the same plugins and updates.

So you are completely free in terms of content and the websites do not have to look the same. However, if you update the plugin for a website or WordPress itself, this update is always directly available to all websites in the WordPress Multisite.


Our WordPress Multisite Services

Set up, move or develop further

No matter whether you want a Set up, move or develop WordPress Multisite would like, as highly specialized WordPress Agency we are exactly the right partner at your side to implement this work.

Setting up and successfully configuring a WordPress Multisite on your own is time consuming. Starting from a few lines of code more in the wp-config.php file to managing the correct multisite domain mapping.

We support you both in advance, e.g. in planning or validating whether a multisite makes sense for your project.

Likewise, we can handle all the technical setup and help you choose a WordPress multisite hosting plan.

Of course, we can also host your WordPress multisite on our specially designed for the WordPress hosting operate an optimized infrastructure.

If you already have a Multisite system, we will gladly take over the further development and maintenance of the system for you.

Uninstall/Disable or Rebuild WordPress Multisite

Of course, we can also dissolve a multisite system for you again. If the blog network is not practical for you, e.g. because the included pages have become too different over time and there is no longer harmony between the plugins.

In that case, we can export the multisite pages for you and set them up again as individual web pages.

Discuss your project with us now!

We look forward to hearing more about you and your project, so feel free to contact us directly:

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress Multisite?


As mentioned above, it simplifies maintenance for multiple blogs / websites. There is only one file base, so only one file base and the same WordPress installation for all blogs / websites.

However, for each blog / website then exist separate database tables. With an update, all blogs can be updated at one go - no matter if only a plugin is updated or a new WordPress version is available. Furthermore, new / additional websites can be created very easily.

Depending on your needs, these websites can be reached via "subdirectories" or "subdomains".

So either about

  • domain.com/blog1,
  • domain.com/blog2,
  • domain.com/blog3

or else via

  • blog1.domain.com,
  • blog2.domain.com,
  • blog3.domain.com 

You also have the option to set up a separate domain for each website, but this only works via additional plugins in the blog network (Domain Mapping) and requires some technical tweaking to make the domains work properly.

Web Hosting & Server


There is actually only one small hurdle, because not all plugins work flawlessly with multisites, however, the number of those that do not is now rather small.

Furthermore, you should be aware that the effectiveness of a WordPress multisite decreases the more different the individual websites are. For example, if each site in the multisite uses completely different plugins and there is no common intersection, then in the end everything must be tested again individually and also the probability of compatibility problems can increase.

A technical basis for all websites has many advantages, but one notable disadvantage should not go unmentioned.

If there is a malfunction in the WordPress multisite system, all websites are usually affected. A failure would thus be global.

Due to the very good exception management in WordPress, fatal errors that lead to a real and complete failure are rather low.

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