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PB SEO Friendly Images

Simple, fast and automatic search engine friendly images for WordPress. Optimisation of alt and title attributes.

PB SEO Friendly Images

Search engine friendly images for WP

PB SEO Friendly Images is a plugin for WordPress that supports the optimisation of images. The plugin helps to automatically provide images with search engine friendly alt and title attributes.

The ALT attribute should be stored for all images on a website. If an image cannot be displayed for certain reasons, the so-called alternative text describing the image is displayed to the visitor.

Search engines use this attribute to recognise and evaluate the content of an image, as the image data itself is not usually evaluated.

PB SEO Friendly Images functions at a glance

  • Sync: Automatic synchronisation between "alt" and "title" attribute, provided one of them is set.
  • Override: Existing old and title attributes can be overwritten with new variants if required.
  • Scheme: Each attribute can be assigned its own and flexible naming scheme with the help of variables.
  • For all images: The plugin optimises both the images within articles and pages, as well as their article images (post thumbnails).
  • SEO tested: The plugin was developed and tested by SEO experts.

After installing and activating the plugin, the desired naming scheme for the alt and title attributes of the images can be specified. The rest of the work is done by the plugin completely automatically.

If alt and title attributes have already been set for some images in the past, the plugin synchronises the values. If there are images on the website without any alt or title attributes, they will be set according to the default naming scheme.

Thus, all relevant attributes for search engine friendly images are set quickly and easily.


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