Successful agency briefing: tips and tricks for briefing 

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November 28, 2023

With over 15 years of experience as specialists for WordPress and online marketing, we have the necessary know-how and we know how relevant and important a well thought-out briefing is for the success of a project.
A successful project begins even before the actual website implementation process.
Namely with a clear and precise agency briefing.
A good briefing is like a map, it paves the way for a smooth project.
In this article, we would like to give you some valuable tips on how to create the perfect agency briefing.

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Successful agency briefing: tips and tricks for briefing

What effects can an inaccurate agency briefing have?

Creating such a brief can be a challenging task where every detail counts. However, an incomplete or inaccurate agency brief can have consequences, because your project should be based on a realistic foundation.

Cost overrun:

  • Without a thorough analysis and precise cost estimate, there is a risk that the project costs will exceed the budget. This can lead to financial bottlenecks and require compromises in terms of quality.

Delay in the schedule:

  • Unrecognized risks and problems during the project can lead to unexpected delays. This in turn can lead to project deadlines not being met and the overall duration being extended.

Lack of quality:

  • Inadequate costing can overlook or undervalue important aspects of the project, which can result in it not meeting the desired quality standards.

Lower ROI:

  • ROI stands for "return on investment". It indicates how much profit or benefit you have achieved in relation to the costs of your investment.
    ROI is often expressed as a percentage, a positive ROI means that your investment was profitable and you made more profit than you invested.
    An ROI of 100 % would mean that you got back exactly the same amount of money that you invested.
    If the number is over 100 %, you have made a profit that is higher than your original investment.
  • ROI is an important figure and helps to assess profitability.
  • A low figure indicates that the investment is making losses.


  • If the budget is exceeded, the schedule is delayed or the quality is unsatisfactory, this will have an impact on your project.
  • To avoid this, it is crucial to recognize project risks at an early stage and provide accurate estimates.
  • This allows an agency to create a successful schedule and a realistic budget.


Successful agency briefing: tips and tricks for briefing

Checklist for perfect briefings

Clear communication in an agency briefing is essential. Clarify your wishes and ideas in as much detail as possible.
Our checklist provides a structured summary and is useful when working with agencies and crucial for the success of the project.

1. clarity and precision are crucial

  • Always start your briefing with a clear and precise description of your project. The more precisely you describe your goals and requirements, the better your agency can implement your project.
    Avoid vague wording and make sure you provide all the important information.

2. determine the budget for the project

  • An important aspect is setting your budget. Provide clear financial guidelines so that your agency can plan accordingly.
  • This is because the costs of a website cannot be generalized and are very individual.

3. plan a budget for possible changes

  • It is advisable to include a budget for any changes or additional services in the agency briefing.
    During the project, requirements may change or new ideas may emerge. A flexible budget makes it possible to react appropriately to such changes without jeopardizing the entire project.

4. create a schedule with dates and deadlines

  • A detailed schedule is crucial to ensure that your project is completed on time. In the agency briefing, you should set out a rough timeline that includes milestones and deadlines.
  • This enables the agency to better plan its workload and avoid bottlenecks.

5. communication measures with the agency

  • Specify your preferred means of communication:
  • Emails, phone calls or video conferences?
  • This clear definition helps to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Clear agreements facilitate cooperation.

6. define goals and target group

  • Describe clearly in the briefing what goals you want to achieve with your project. Who is your target group?
    What messages do you want to convey?
  • The better your agency understands your intentions, the more targeted its work can be.

7. add references and examples

  • If you find certain websites or designs inspiring, include these references in your briefing.
  • This gives your agency an insight into your tastes and preferences.

8. express design and functional wishes

  • It is helpful if you describe your design and functional requirements in detail. Which colors, fonts and styles do you prefer?
  • Which functions should be integrated on your website?
  • Would you like special design elements?
  • The more precisely you share this information, the better your agency can develop a suitable concept.

9. clarify technical requirements

  • If your project has technical requirements, make sure that these are described in detail in the agency briefing.
  • Specify which technologies, platforms or integrations are required. The more precise you are here, the smoother the technical implementation will be.

10. define milestones and project phases in the briefing

  • A detailed breakdown of the project into milestones and phases can make it easier to track the project.
  • Determine which steps are to be carried out in which order and set clear milestones to check progress.
  • This allows you and the agency to keep an eye on the project status at all times.

11 Legal and contractual aspects

  • Contractual agreements and legal aspects should also be taken into account in the agency briefing.
  • This includes issues relating to liability, intellectual property, data protection and other legal matters. It is advisable to clarify these aspects at an early stage in order to avoid conflicts later on.

12. ask for suggestions

  • Ask for further inspiration.
  • With our experience, we often have suggestions and ideas that we can incorporate into your project.

Successful agency briefing: tips and tricks for briefing

Overall, a well-prepared agency briefing is the key to a successful project. With our tips and the form provided, the creation of your briefing will be more efficient and targeted. We would be delighted to work with you on your project and turn your ideas into reality.


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