What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a snippet of code in WordPress that is used to quickly insert specific features or design elements into a website. Learn more about how they work and their benefits.

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a snippet of code used in WordPress to easily and quickly add a specific functionality or design element to a website. Shortcodes can be embedded in posts, pages, or in specific widgets like the Text widget. Shortcodes are indicated by square brackets ([]) and represented with a simple, short code inside these brackets.

How shortcodes work

WordPress executes the functions defined in the shortcode to insert specific content, such as galleries or contact forms, into the website. Shortcodes are inserted into the page where the functions are to be executed or the elements are to be displayed. For example, a shortcode like [gallery id="123"] can be used to insert a gallery with ID 123 at the desired location.

Advantages of shortcodes

  • Easy implementation: Shortcodes make it easy to embed complex functions or designs into a website without the user having to know HTML or PHP. Functions can be added simply by inserting the appropriate shortcode.
  • Reusability: Once created, shortcodes can be reused several times and in different places throughout the project. This saves time and increases efficiency when working on the website.
  • Consistency: Using shortcodes helps ensure consistent design and functionality throughout the site.

Create and manage shortcodes

Shortcodes can be created in WordPress either via plugins or directly in the theme. Some WordPress themes already include pre-built shortcodes that can be used for various purposes. However, in many cases, shortcodes are provided by specific plugins that offer additional functionality, such as contact forms or sliders. Once a plugin with a shortcode is installed and activated, it can be easily inserted into the desired area on the website.

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