What is a sidebar widget?

A sidebar widget is an interactive element in the sidebar of a website. Learn more about application areas and how to use and create WordPress sidebar widgets.

What is a sidebar widget?

A sidebar widget is an interactive element that is placed in the sidebar of a web page to display certain information or functionality. Usually, sidebar widgets are useful tools that help visitors navigate the web page more easily or provide additional content and functionality. Sidebars can be located on both the left and right sides of a web page and usually contain multiple widgets.

Typical applications of sidebar widgets

  • Navigation: Widgets can contain simple or advanced menus and links to other pages on the website to enhance the user experience.
  • Search function: A sidebar widget can provide a search bar that allows users to search for content across the website.
  • Latest posts: In a blog or news portal, a widget can be used to display the latest posts or articles.
  • Social media: Widgets can provide links to social media profiles or content sharing features on social platforms.
  • Contact information: Contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses or contact forms can be displayed in a widget to help visitors get in touch with the company.

Sidebar widgets in WordPress

In the WordPress content management system (CMS), sidebar widgets are particularly common and easy to manage. WordPress offers a variety of pre-made widgets that can be easily dragged and dropped into the sidebar. In addition, there are many plugins that provide additional widgets to customize certain features or customizations to the individual needs of the website.

Create your own sidebar widgets

It is also possible to create your own sidebar widgets by adding the appropriate PHP code to the functions.php file of the WordPress template. However, this requires knowledge of PHP programming and WordPress development to create a fully functional and error-free widget. Widget customization and creation is a service offered by professional web development agencies like Bajorat Media.

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