What is a slider?

Learn what a slider is, its functionality and areas of application, the pros and cons of sliders, and how to integrate them into WordPress websites.

What is a slider?

A slider, also known as an image changer or slideshow, is a web design element that presents multiple images or content in a sequence that can be controlled either automatically or manually by the user. Usually, a slider consists of several individual slides that can contain images, text, links or videos, and which are presented in a preset order or according to the user's action.

Functionality and application areas of sliders

Sliders are a widely used method to present information on a website in an appealing way while saving space. Sliders are especially common in the header area of websites to give visitors a first impression of the products, services or content offered. By clicking or swiping, users can browse through the different slides and get all the information in a small space. Depending on the settings, a slider can also change its content automatically, for example every few seconds, to always show visitors new information.

Slider advantages

  • Space-saving: Using a slider puts multiple pieces of content in a limited area, saving space on a web page and allowing for a clearer layout.
  • Attractiveness: Sliders can enhance the design of a website and provide visitors with an engaging visual experience. The animations and changing content create a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Usability: Slides can present information clearly and make it easier for visitors to navigate through the page.

Slider disadvantages

  • Loading times: Since sliders contain multiple images or videos, they can increase the loading time of a web page, especially if the file size of the media elements is not optimally compressed.
  • Distracted Users: Too much information in a slider can cause visitors to get sidetracked and distracted from the essential content of the website.
  • SEO disadvantages: Some sliders are more difficult for search engines to crawl, potentially affecting the SEO value of a web page.

Slider integration in WordPress

In websites based on the WordPress content management system (CMS), sliders can be integrated using plugins or built-in functions of the theme used. There are numerous free and paid slider plugins that allow easy creation and customization of sliders. However, the selection should be made carefully to ensure that the chosen plugin is kept up-to-date and technically up to date and meets the requirements for functionality and design.

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