What is a Sticky Post?

Learn what a sticky post is, how they are used in WordPress, when they are useful, and their possible drawbacks.

What is a Sticky Post?

A sticky post (also called pinning or fixing a post) is a post that appears at the top of the list of posts on a blog or news website, regardless of the date it was published. This is a useful feature for highlighting important content or announcements so that they can be easily found by visitors to the website.

Using Sticky Posts in WordPress

WordPress, a widely used content management system (CMS), offers an easy way to create sticky posts. In the post editing page, it is possible to select the "Pin post" option to display the post at the top of the web page. Once the post is marked as sticky, it will be labeled with a special tag that gives it priority and allows it to stay at the top of the post list. A sticky post is usually visually distinguished from the rest of the posts, for example by a different background color or an eye-catching frame.

When should a Sticky Post be used?

  • Important announcements: If the website contains important information or announcements that visitors should see, pinning a post is a great way to ensure that this information is discoverable.
  • Current events or promotions: For limited-time events or discount promotions, pinning a post can be helpful to highlight them for the duration of the event or promotion.
  • Popular or helpful content: If the website has content that is particularly popular with visitors or provides useful information, pinning this post can help new visitors easily discover this content.

Sticky Posts Disadvantages

Although Sticky Posts can be useful for highlighting important information, it is important to use them wisely. Some disadvantages of sticky posts are:

  • Outdated information: There is a risk of a sticky post becoming outdated or irrelevant. It is therefore important to regularly check whether the pinned post is still relevant and the information is up-to-date.
  • Overuse: If too many posts are marked as Sticky Posts, this feature loses its purpose and may even cause visitors to lose track or become less motivated to discover more content on the website.

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