What is Native Advertising?

Learn what Native Advertising is, its characteristics, why it is relevant for online marketing and on which platforms it can be used.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a form of online marketing in which paid advertising content is integrated into the editorial context of a website or platform so that it blends in visually and in terms of content. The goal is to deliver an unobtrusive yet effective advertising message that doesn't disrupt the user experience, resulting in a higher click-through rate.

Features of Native Advertising

  • Visual fit: Ads are designed to fit seamlessly into the design and layout of the platform on which they appear. They resemble the look and structure of editorial content and often use the same fonts and colors.
  • Content alignment: The content of native ads relates thematically to the surrounding editorial content and is relevant to the target audience. This can be articles, lists, videos, or other multimedia formats.
  • Advertising note: Although native advertising is an inconspicuous form of advertising, the ads must be labeled according to legal requirements. Common labels are "Sponsored Post", "Advertisement" or "In cooperation with".

Why use native advertising?

Native advertising can be an effective strategy to reach potential customers in an unobtrusive way. Since this type of advertising resembles editorial content, it is more likely to catch users' attention and generate interest. In addition, native advertising offers the following advantages:

  • Higher adoption: Unlike traditional display ads, which are often perceived as annoying, native ads are unobtrusive and enhance the user experience on the website.
  • Better performance: Studies show that native ads achieve higher click-through and conversion rates than traditional forms of advertising.
  • Targeting: Native ads can be targeted based on interests, demographics, and online behavior to deliver a relevant advertising message.

Platforms for Native Advertising

Native advertising can be used on various platforms, such as:

  • Traditional online publishers: Paid content can be integrated into the editorial section on news portals, blogs and magazine websites.
  • Social media: Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter offer their own native advertising formats such as sponsored posts or in-feed ads.
  • Content discovery platforms: Providers such as Outbrain or Taboola place native ads in the form of content recommendations on partner publishers' websites.

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