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May 2, 2023

Google wants to use its AI technology in the advertising industry to support creative processes. But there are concerns from experts as to whether this can work without problems. In this article, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of this idea and how Google promises to overcome potential difficulties.

The Financial Times reports on Google's plans to use AI technologies for advertising clients. The previous applications of AI in the Performance Max program were mainly limited to the strategy development of advertising campaigns. Now Google wants to go a step further and use AI for creative processes.

AI-powered creativity for ads

According to a presentation for advertising clients, Google plans to use generative AI to create ads. Customers would then provide texts, images and videos, which the AI would use to create ads. These so-called "remixes" will be tailored to specific target groups.

Skepticism among Google Ads customers and experts

Despite this interesting idea are Google's Ads-Customer:inside loud Financial Times not completely convinced. AI systems are still prone to error, which is a concern in the sensitive advertising sector. Factual errors in computer-generated ads and the possible reproduction of biases in the source material are just some of the potential problems.

Google's approach to a solution: guardrail technology

Google promises to prevent such difficulties with a kind of guardrail technology. However, the company has so far revealed little information about how this technology is supposed to work exactly.

Doubts about the feasibility of the AI plans

The tech magazine The Verge also expresses serious concerns about the feasibility of Google's plans. While Google promises measures against AI errors, these are still at an early stage of development.

Google under pressure

Google is under enormous pressure as it lags behind the competition in terms of AI. The hasty release of the chatbot Bard turned into a fiasco, while the progress of the competing product ChatGPT is steadily advancing. Therefore, Google might make rash promises regarding AI augmentations in various business areas in order to keep customers, but run the risk of not being able to deliver.

Outlook for the advertising industry

Creatives in the advertising industry need not worry about their jobs for the time being. AI technology may play a bigger role in the future, but there are still some hurdles to overcome before it can be used as a reliable tool for creative processes. For now, it remains important to use human talent and expertise in advertising to create engaging and effective ads.

Collaboration between humans and AI

One possible solution for the future could be close collaboration between human experts and AI systems. Instead of handing over the creative processes entirely to an AI, advertising professionals could use the AI to develop ideas and concepts that are then refined and optimized by humans. This approach could make the most of the strengths of both sides - the rapid idea generation of AI and the critical judgment of humans.


Google's plans to use AI technology in the advertising sector for creative processes are ambitious and could have the potential to revolutionize the industry. However, many questions remain unanswered and concerns about the error-proneness of AI systems and possible biases are justified. It will be critical to see how Google overcomes these challenges and how collaboration between human expert:ers and AI systems is designed. In the meantime, human talent remains essential in the advertising industry.

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