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Taking off with Sass / SCSS

Taking off with Sass / SCSS

Do you want to learn how to give your code superpowers using Sass / SCSS?
Sass / SCSS is the most mature, most stable, and most comprehensive CSS extension / stylesheet language in the world.

Sass(Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a stylesheet language which, as a CSS preprocessor, with variables, loops and many other functions that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) do not bring, simplifies the creation of CSS and massively facilitates and speeds up the maintenance of large stylesheets.

With Sass / SCSS you can literally put fire under your CSS code!

In this course, you will learn all the advantages and functions of Sass and SCSS with clear examples and in a very practical way. For many beginners, the installation and command line of Sass is often one of the biggest hurdles. That's why you'll learn how to install Sass step by step in an extra video for Windows and Mac OS.

For those who don't like command lines, however, there are several videos on GUI tools / compiler software, if you prefer to work directly with simple software instead of the command line. Either way - thanks to the understandable and clear step-by-step videos, former hurdles are now reduced to a minimum and you can decide for yourself how you want to work with Sass / SCSS.

Course information / Video training:
Author: Pascal Bajorat
Publisher: Bajorat Media

Course Price: 94,99€ incl. VAT.
Current offer for 29,99€ incl. VAT.

Take off with Sass SCSS

Besides the command line, you will get to know the following popular Sass compilers / software:
PhpStorm, CodeKit, Compass and ScoutApp.

This course "Getting started with Sass / SCSS" is intended as a complete learning reference and full course. You will learn all the basics of Sass / SCSS as well as many advanced and advanced functions. At the end of the course, there will be no functions in Sass / SCSS that are still unknown to you.

But don't be afraid! The course is structured in such a way that the functions increase bit by bit. The very first chapters will enable you to use Sass / SCSS productively for your own projects. All functions of Sass / SCSS are divided into individual lessons, so you can "look up" individual functions or structures at any time and get targeted information if necessary.

In the course, you will learn about the following core functions and information in addition to other areas:

  • Difference between Sass and SCSS
  • Compiler software setup
  • Introduction to the command line
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Nesting
  • @extend
  • Comments
  • @import
  • Mixins (@mixin / @include)
  • @if / @else if - Conditional Logic
  • @debug, @warn and @error
  • Loops in Sass / SCSS: @for, @while and @each
  • Functions in SCSS - SASS (e.g. lighten, darken, saturate, etc.)

Your questions will be answered - I promise!

Of course, you are not on your own during the course. You can ask questions at any time via the Questions & Answers section. You will usually receive a response to your questions within one working day (usually even within a few hours).

Working material
All relevant examples from the course are included as code templates, so you can not only easily recreate them, but also experiment directly with the code from the templates at any time.

The success guarantee & money-back promise
I am convinced of Sass and SCSS and firmly believe that this stylesheet language will optimise your workflow extremely and also that you can use Sass efficiently within a few hours with the help of this course. If you run into any problems, I'm here to help you personally via the Q&A section. If you don't like the course or if you have problems with Sass / SCSS, you can return the course within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund.

Sass / SCSS reference card to print out
With the course you receive a Sass / SCSS reference card with the most important structures and functions. You can print this out (or use it digitally) and place it at your workstation for learning.

Course information / Video training:
Author: Pascal Bajorat
Publisher: Bajorat Media

Course Price: 94,99€ incl. VAT.
Current offer for 29,99€ incl. VAT.

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