WordPress First Aid & Emergency Support

Quick help for any problem: white page, incorrect display, virus infestation, connection problems and much more.

WordPress First Aid

In an emergency we are there for you quickly

You have acute problems with your WordPress website? No problem, in an emergency we are at your side and help to fix errors or problems.

This includes, for example, the following typical problem cases:

  • White Screen of Death: Your dashboard remains completely white and can no longer be operated
  • Your WordPress installation is no longer accessible
  • Website hacked or infected by Malware
  • There are problems after an update has been carried out
  • Plugins no longer work correctly
  • Error in the display of Umlauts
  • You have significant problems with Spam
  • Problems with the theme or the display
  • Error during file or image upload
  • Your web host has informed you about malware and threatens to block the site

In these and similar emergencies, we are happy to provide timely first aid for WordPress to quickly bring your website back online in its usual mode of operation. We investigate and analyse the problems described, and then go on to solve the problem.

Looking for regular maintenance or support services? Then take a look at the following pages:

What data and info is needed

Collect all the details that you think led to the current problem case. What actions, work or changes preceded the error. Be sure to takescreenshots of errors or error messages displayed.

The more details you provide, the faster and more effectively we can help you.

In addition to the details of the acute problem, we also need access data to your website. This includes a WordPress administrator account as well as FTP data. In some cases, the access to the web host may also be relevant.

Procedure: What happens next

WordPress First Aid: As in any emergency, first keep calm.

Collect all the information as described above. Then contact us using the form on the right. After submitting the form, you will receive separate emergency contact details where you can reach us outside our typical office hours.

What does WordPress First Aid cost

Exact costs are difficult to forecast without concrete details. As soon as you have sent us all the important data via the form, we will contact you.

You will receive an initial estimate of the costs to be expected as well as further details on the procedure.

If you are interested in WordPress maintenance or general support on WordPress , please visit the linked pages.

Contact emergency support

We are at your side and help

Please try to explain the problems and errors in as much detail as possible using the following form. You do not need to provide us with any access data at this stage. send us any access data at this stage.

After the form has been successfully sent, you will receive further information and separate emergency contact details. We can be reached under these contact details in very urgent cases, even outside our typical office hours.

Not an emergency? Info on regular WordPress maintenance.

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