my code Public Beta

Written by Pascal Bajorat

April 7, 2011 is my latest project, currently in public beta. is an online service to store and manage code snippets. You can save complete scripts or just small snippets including a description; all entries can be tagged for better management. The possibility to sort scripts and snippets into folders allows for easy structuring.

my code stock.comFurthermore, it is possible to make scripts publicly available, for example to share them with colleagues / friends or in forums.

A powerful search function helps to quickly find the scripts you are looking for. To ensure the highest possible level of security, the system was created with special security aspects in mind. Additionally, the complete interaction between client browser and server is protected via a secure SSL connection.

The complete system is based on an innovative AJAX interface. On the one hand, this facilitates operation and, on the other hand, acts like a desktop tool.

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