Online Marketing | Why the best strategy is a strategic mix

Online Marketing | Why the best strategy is a strategic mix

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January 4, 2019

"Which marketing measure is recommended for me?" This question is asked by entrepreneurs inexperienced in online marketing, both to themselves and to the expert from a marketing agency. In a detailed conversation, it becomes clear that the question about a measure primarily relates to concerns about high advertising costs.

SEO or SEA? Internet Marketing as a complete solution for online success!

Online marketing is not a one-way street and does not work if there is a stringent focus on one measure and disregard for the variety of possibilities. So the answer to all questions on the subject of SEO or SEA is quite simple: all or nothing. If you go into the competition with a well-optimized website and rank on the first page in the organic search results due to the quality of your information, the uniqueness of the design and the added value for the user, you have already won a lot. In the complexity of online marketing, however, this success can only be considered a stage victory. There are still a few tasks to be mastered and a long way to go before the goal is reached.

Online marketing is multi-layered and customizable. There is no single effective strategy, as success always requires the symbiosis of a functional and individually planned concept.

In a restaurant, the guest does not order meat OR vegetables. The pleasure of eating comes when the ensemble is served on the plate in style and in a harmonious combination. You should follow the same motto in online marketing. Instead of the linking word "or", an "and" should therefore be used. There are numerous online marketing strategies and measures from which the perfect combination can be developed for every client and every web project. Marketing is like a good cocktail. If the components are right, if they are dosed correctly and if they are garnished with a finish, the drink becomes a trend and thus a sure-fire winner. The same effect results from a marketing mix consisting of the ingredients search engine optimization, search engine advertising and search engine marketing.

3 Basic strategies by marketing objective

The basis of every online marketing strategy is the goal. What do I want to achieve? Who do I want to reach? These two questions precede any conceptual design. The options vary visibly between different business models, which alone shows that there is not THE marketing strategy for all companies. The fact is that online marketing is specifically about the

  • Branding | Increased awareness and image enhancement
  • Performance | Selection and action radius
  • Customer retention | Loyalty to build trust

goes. These objectives, which are equally important for all companies, result in tendencies towards measures that are conducive to success and specialized for the target group. In general, online marketing is a measure that must be considered in the long term and aligned with the perspective objective. Nevertheless, anyone who skips the small steps and wants to get straight to the primary goal wastes valuable resources and has to watch as they are overtaken by the competition and fail to achieve their goals.

Online Marketing | Why the best strategy is a strategic mix

Online marketing according to budget planning

Another option is to match the scope and variety of online marketing strategies to the planned budget. Here, entrepreneurs should know that the ability to plan is an important parameter and comes into focus even before the development of a concept. Even small companies with a limited marketing budget can "draw from the full" and prefer a colorful marketing mix to increase awareness and sales. In online marketing, there are various measures that require no or only a small financial outlay. A good example of this is paid per click campaigns, which can be implemented via Google AdWords, for example. If the appropriate keywords are analyzed here and favorable click prices are favored, AdWords becomes a practical and target-oriented investment.

Fact: Before a marketing agency starts planning, the financial framework for the overall concept is determined. In doing so, the entrepreneur focuses on his available budget and provides information about his predefined marketing goals. Based on these two core variables, online marketing experts develop a comprehensive concept that is proven in practice, tailored to the industry and the target group, as well as to the desired success of the company.

The myth of awareness through product quality

That may have worked in the past. Today, there is no industry that is truly unrivaled and thus stands alone in the vastness of the WWW. A high-quality product is certainly the basis for any success, but to establish yourself in the competition and get into the attention of the target group, this is far from enough. How is a potential customer supposed to know which product you offer and why exactly your offer is ideal for his requirement? Quite simply: through a targeted marketing strategy. This arouses emotions and stirs up the feeling of being addressed personally. And it is precisely these two factors that are responsible for the success - but also the failure - of a company. Here, it makes no difference whether it is a new product launch or a brand reinforcement. Those who do not advertise are giving away potential and leaving existing resources unused. It is a widespread myth that quality sells without any advertising at all, and that customers will see for themselves what added value they get from buying or using the service. Even in less crowded niches, online marketing is a foundation on which success is built like a stable house. When building a house, you wouldn't do without a floor slab or basement and assume that the natural subsoil would hold and not sink in, would you?

Conclusion - Why online marketing is indispensable.

The Internet functions according to a clear and unmistakable guideline. Seeing and being seen are two components that combine and form the interface between companies and customers. To be seen, a ranking on the first page on Google should be aimed for and underpinned by targeted campaigns. Customers only see the offers that are on the first page in the top 10 search results. Companies placed further down the list or not at all are left empty-handed. This is where acceleration in the digital age plays a concise role. A potential buyer only takes a few seconds to search for an offer. Professional, strategic and wide-reaching online marketing is like a lovingly decorated shop window. The passerby, in this case the user, recognizes at first glance that he has found what he is looking for in this store.

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