Web Design DVD Vol. 1

Web Design DVD Vol. 1

In collaboration with 4eck Media GmbH & Co. KG (PSD-Tutorials.de) and some other web designers has created a comprehensive and detailed guide on the subject of web design: Photoshop Workshop DVD – Web Design.

The Photoshop Workshop DVD – Web Design is a profound practical guide that teaches you one of the most popular Photoshop applications: Creating web layouts. Learn from successful and recognized practitioners who describe their ideas, approaches, and techniques in numerous tutorials. Gain a comprehensive insight into the methods of established web designers who share all they know. You learn how to create layouts in Photoshop and how to implement them in HTML/CSS.

(Source: PSD-Tutorials.de Online-Shop)

Among other things I added the following chapters to the DVD:

  • Create a classic business website with a modern marketing look (2 sample layouts for business websites; 60 and 70 minutes video each)
  • Create a classic portfolio style business website: Coding in xHTML and CSS
  • Tips and tricks for web development divided into more than 12 chapters
  • SEO Video Workshop

Have a look at the DVD; have fun with it: Photoshop-Workshop-DVD – Web Design

The PSD-Tutorials.de – Photoshop Workshop DVD – Web Design with its 32 hours of video training and various supporting materials is an extraordinarily comprehensive guide on web design. Besides me, some others were involved in the creation of this DVD. You can read more in Shop of PSD-Tutorials.de.

Information about the DVD:
Publisher: 4eck Media GmbH & Co. KG
Author: Pascal Bajorat and others

Download price: 29.95 € incl. VAT
Download size: 4.49 GB
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ISBN: 9783000313905
Price DVD box: 39.95 € incl. VAT
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Reviews from customers who have already watched the DVD:

Rated 5 stars out of 5 by Anton Hoffmann:
Great DVD, everything is explained in detail and is easy to understand.
Can only recommend this educational DVD.

Rated 5 stars out of 5 by BreeshiO:
Very good. Thanks for the great info.

Photoshop-Workshop-DVD - Webdesign



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