CodeIgniter Shop

A custom developed shop based on the PHP framework CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter Shop

Store system based on CodeIgniter

On behalf of an agency in Waren Müritz, we completely overhauled and relaunched the online store of the largest German-language e-learning portal. The entire e-commerce system had to be completely overhauled, both visually and technically. The new design captivates with a fresh, modern and above all clean interface, that allows for a seamless user experience.

From a technical perspective, we developed the entire store system from scratch. The PHP framework CodeIgniter serves as the basis for the store. All other components and functions, we developed in-house, tailoring them to the store and the target audience. Furthermore, we connected the e-commerce system to the e-learning portal to facilitate the two communicating with one another and to offer a better user experience.

Store maintenance and optimization

The store website is continuously maintained, developed, and optimized. To monitor the conversion rate is part of that.

Various other additions have been made in recent months. These include, for example, an optimized fulfilment process as well as various context- and user-dependent offers and campaigns to optimize the conversion rate and to make more relevant recommendations to customers.

Services and features:

  • Concept and design
  • Front-end development with Bootstrap
  • Store components: Shopping cart, order systems, customer center, product variations, and more
  • Voucher and reward systemIntegration of the following payment interfaces: PayPal, PayPal Plus and Novalnet
  • Affiliate system
  • Integration of a comprehensive tracking system based on Google Analytics
  • TrustedShops Integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Conversion Analysis + Conversion Optimization
  • Various systems for automation of the production process
  • Maintenance work


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