Streaming and downloads for creative people - innovative and comprehensive portal based on CodeIgniter.


CodeIgniter-based video streaming portal

On behalf of an external agency, we developed one of the most modern, innovative streaming and download portals for learners, creatives, and users. It is the streaming portal of a large e-learning provider.

For the customers of the e-learning provider, the streaming portal supplements an important building block in the product range. Besides individual store purchases, customers can now access all content for immediate streaming with a subscription.

The portal has been developed exclusively in-house and offers all the features of a modern video streaming portal. The service is on par with the large TV series and movie streaming portals. To assess their progress, users can complete a quiz at the end of each course. If the user passes the quiz, she receives a certificate.

The technology in detail

We build the portal with the PHP framework CodeIgniter. Supporting modules and extensions, we developed in-house. The front-end is based on the Zurbs Foundation Framework, and all dynamic functions utilize the jQuery JavaScript Library.

The innovative payment interface of Braintree Payments supports the subscription system.

Our services:

  • Conception and design (in collaboration with partners)
  • Front-end development based on Foundation
  • Order and subscription system
  • Integration Braintree Payments
  • Invoicing and management system
  • Integration of a comprehensive tracking system
  • Performance optimization
  • Conversion Analysis + Conversion Optimization
  • Video streaming system
  • Affiliate system
  • Maintenance work
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