Tip Calculator "Tip" - iOS / Android App.

Design and development of an app based on Cordova for iOS and Android.

Tip Calculator – iOS / Android App

Tip is a small, but helpful and modern app that can aid your next holiday, trip or restaurant visit. Tip allows you to calculate tips for restaurants, taxis or hotels.

You can rate the services with 1 – 4 stars, which determines the rate at which to calculate the tip.

You can also split the tip between multiple people.

The app also provides practical information on local tipping customs for various big holiday destinations.

Users can quickly adjust tipping rates and the number of people in the settings.

All features at a glance:

  • Modern flat design optics adapted for iOS 12
  • Tip calculator
  • Information on tip regulation
  • Splitting tip between multiple people
  • Adjust tip rate based on service quality
  • Easy settings
  • Selection for different currencies


  • Conception of the app
  • App and Icon Design
  • Implementation with Cordova
  • Publishing for iOS and Android

Trinkgeldrechner - iOS / Android App

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