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Tip Calculator - iOS / Android App

Tip Calculator - iOS / Android App

Tip is a small but very helpful and modern app for your next vacation, trip or restaurant visit. Tip helps you to calculate tips in restaurants, cabs or hotels.

You can rate the service performance by means of 1 - 4 stars, this will determine the percentage on the basis of which the tip will be calculated.

Furthermore, you can specify the number of people with whom you are traveling. So you get directly the amount that each individual has to pay.

You will also receive practical information on the tipping regulations of important vacation countries.

Percentages and number of people can be freely adjusted in the settings and according to your own needs.

All functions at a glance:

  • Modern flat design look adapted for iOS 12
  • Tip Calculator
  • Information about the tip rule
  • Calculation of tip per person, if the amount is to be divided by several persons
  • Variable percentages through evaluation of service performance
  • Simple settings
  • Selection for different currencies


  • App conception
  • App and icon design
  • Implementation on Cordova basis
  • Publishing on iOS and Android
tip calculator

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