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Most web designers and developers are familiar with the problem: Over the years you discover a lot of good and useful scripts and code snippets that you wish to save for later. And other times, you just need a little aid to learn a new programming language, rarely used codes, templates for code processes, and more. is a simple and intuitive service for web designers and developers to store and manage code snippets safely and easily.

Most of the comparable services mainly serve web designers, with only HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes stored. Furthermore, althought these services allow for the user to share her code snippets, she cannot save them in a private archiving.

With you can collect codes and snippets privately but also share them.’s main objective is to supports the administration and storage of larger collections.

Code snippets can be categorized into folders and tagged with keywords. That allows for quick retrieval, plus a full-text search feature is also available.

Besides HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets, you can store codes of mores than 30 programming and scripting languages. For HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, a preview is available with which you can inspect the result of your work at any time.

The editor also supports code entry. For example, simple autocompletion and live syntax checks are available. If the editor detects, for example, invalid or unclean code during code entry, a warning gets issued. Depending on the error, the editor will suggest improvements to clean up the code.

The default settings on primarily support the creation of private snippet collections— by default each snippet is private. Since private content is particularly worth protecting, the security has been a major consideration throughout development. The data transfer between the website and the user’s computer is SSL encrypted, as are the codes of each individual snippet in the database.

If you would like to share your codes or edit them in a team, you are able to do so. It is possible to share folders with several people and to manage the snippets across the team. You can track changes at any time with the help of the revision system.

A simple comment system with live updates enables fast communication and discussion among users. In addition to folder sharing, you can also share snippets publicly via links. You can also integrate your snippets into a website via an embed code. Thanks to a simple API, it is easy to adapt the embed code to your own website.

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Overview of the key features:

Save and manage can accomodate small code snippets and whole scripts with several thousand lines of code alike. To give you easy access, you can subdivide your snippets into folders, add keywords to them and search for them with the powerful search functionality.

Powerful editor
In order to manage snippets of all relevant programming and scripting languages, the editor offers syntax highlighting for over 30 languages as well as autocompletion, highlighting of syntax errors and suggestions for improvement. Typical functions such as search and replace are also supported.

Revisions / Versioning
Always stay up to date: With the help of the revision system you can track every change to snippets and compare older versions line by line with the current one (Diff-Tool). If necessary, you can restore an older version at any time.

Working in a team
It is possible to share the Snippet holder hierarchy with other users and to then edit or expand them collectively. Furthermore, you can share individual snippets via public links or integrate them into websites and blogs.

Comment system
Via the integrated comment function, you can comment directly on snippets.

Innovative interface
Working with is not only productive but also fun. Therefore, the service relies on a modern and clear interface, which each user can adapt to his own needs. Users can choose their own background and opacity based on their preferences. us not only functional but also safe: The entire data traffic on is SSL encrypted. For extra security, we encrypt the codes of the stored data in the database. To ensure reliability and data security, we host the user data in a high-performance and high-security data center in Germany.

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