How can I best reach potential new customers on the Internet

How can I best reach potential new customers on the Internet

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December 15, 2018

Many small and medium-sized companies are only making insufficient use of the opportunities for acquiring new customers that the Internet offers them. In the following article, we would therefore like to discuss which modern online marketing tools companies can use to sustainably increase their reach on the web and reach potential new customers or retain existing customers in the long term.

When you think about a way for your company to reach customers on the web, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the company website. But there are numerous ways to reach new customers on the web besides your own company homepage. These are also suitable for small and medium-sized companies that have a smaller budget for online marketing and can achieve a lot with the right know-how and a well thought-out online marketing strategy. We will give you an overview of the different possibilities and go into detail about how you can make the best use of modern online marketing tools for your own purposes.

How can I best reach potential new customers on the Internet

The own company website

The company homepage is an extremely important marketing tool that should ideally be the basis of all your activities on the Internet. In order to optimally address new customers, you should definitely rely on a professional and search engine optimized web presence that shines both visually and in terms of content. Ideally, you can win the trust and interest of your visitors with your website. To ensure that interested parties also become customers, it is important that you place all relevant company information, such as contact details, address, opening hours and telephone number in a prominent position on the website. Since more and more users are mobile on the web, your online presence should be optimized for display on mobile devices.

The corporate blog

Another important online marketing tool is the company's own blog. Ideally, this should be integrated directly into the homepage. On your blog, you can report on current news and trends from your industry and publish content that is designed for your target group. With high-quality content, you can present yourself to your audience as an expert in your field and thus attract the attention of potential new customers. However, you should be aware of the fact that publishing high-quality blog posts on a regular basis takes a lot of time and effort.

The own online store

Consumer behavior and buying habits have changed significantly in recent years. Customers are now used to shopping regardless of opening hours. For this reason, an online store is ideal for reaching new customer groups on the Internet. Visitors can browse your online range conveniently and without obligation, regardless of time or location, and have the desired products delivered to their homes with just a few clicks. The big advantage is reflected in the fact that with an online store you can also address customers who live outside your location and are not part of your usual clientele.

E-mail newsletter

An e-mail newsletter is an integral part of an optimal online marketing strategy. By regularly sending out a newsletter, you can provide interested customers with the latest news and make your existing clientele aware of current offers and product highlights. An e-mail newsletter offers you the opportunity to remind your customers of your company.

Social media and networks

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are hugely popular all over the world. Social media have long since entered the mainstream, so that they are used not only by a young user base, but also increasingly by older generations. This is precisely why social media plays such an important role in the context of a well-thought-out online marketing strategy. A successful social media presence gives you the opportunity to present your own company from a personal side and to inform customers about the latest news. Social networks are not only suitable for making initial contact with potential customers, but also for building lasting customer loyalty. Of course, you don't have to be active on every platform. Ideally, you should focus on platforms that are relevant to your target group. Customer service via Facebook and the like is also becoming increasingly important, which is why you should treat inquiries via such platforms on an equal footing with traditional inquiries.


Videos are the most exciting customer acquisition format that the Internet currently has to offer. Especially in social media, videos can reach a large audience and thus have a great impact on the perception of a company. To ensure that your clientele feels addressed by your videos, you should focus on exciting content that is tailored to the interests of your target group. Of course, the quality of the videos should also be high. At the end of the videos, you should definitely refer to your company homepage to offer interested parties a way to contact you.

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