What is above-the-fold content?

Above-the-fold content refers to the visible area of a web page when it is opened. Learn why this is critical to user experience and SEO.

What is above-the-fold content?

Above-the-fold content refers to the part of a web page that is immediately visible without the user having to scroll to see more content. This area is particularly important because it creates the first impression and often determines whether a visitor will stay on the page or not. Placing relevant information and engaging graphics in the visible area is therefore of great importance for the user experience and conversion rate.

Above-the-Fold in Web Development and Web Design

When creating web pages, it is critical to place important content and call-to-action elements in the above-the-fold area. The positioning of images, text, and links can have a significant impact on user behavior. Research shows that user interest decreases as scroll depth increases. Therefore, it is important to present key information in the visible area of the page that can attract and hold visitors' interest.

Influence on the SEO

A good above-the-fold design can also have positive effects on search engine optimization (SEO). Google and other search engines rank websites based on their user-friendliness, among other things, and above-the-fold content plays an important role in this. A well-designed, user-friendly and mobile-optimized page with relevant content in the visible area can achieve better rankings in search results.

Challenges and Responsive Web Design

One difficulty in implementing the above-the-fold concept is the variety of screen sizes and resolutions of different devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive web design makes it possible to design a website so that it automatically adapts to different screen sizes and the most important content is positioned in the visible area, regardless of the device.


Above-the-fold content refers to the immediately visible area on a web page and is an important factor in user experience, conversion rate and search engine optimization. Professional web design and web development agencies, such as Bajorat Media, can help create engaging and user-friendly above-the-fold designs that work across devices and invite visitors to engage with the site's content.

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