GAIO: How your brand stands out in AI chatbots like ChatGPT and co

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February 19, 2024

How can brands and products be successfully introduced to AI-driven chatbots? The Optimization through generative artificial intelligence could be the latest discipline in marketing for precisely this purpose. This should be of interest not only to marketing professionals, but also to PR experts in particular.

Generative AI optimization, or GAIO for short, is a conceptual marketing strategy that is similar to search engine optimization (SEO). Alternatively, it could also be referred to as chatbot optimization, but the term GAIO, introduced by Philipp Klöckner, has also become established.

What is GAIO actually?

Generative AI Optimization (GAIO) is an emerging area of digital marketing that aims to optimize the Visibility of a brand or product in Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat or Google Bard. In theory, GAIO could play a role similar to that of search engine optimization (SEO), but in the context of AI chatbots or generative text models.

In contrast to the classic Search engine optimizationWhere backlinks and other ranking factors are important, GAIO may be more focused on achieving brand mentions in reliable and relevant sources. The idea is that these mentions increase the likelihood of the brand or product being highlighted in an LLM's responses.

However, there are currently a number of challenges and unknowns in relation to GAIO:

  •  TransparencyThere is still little insight into how LLMs make decisions for product recommendations or brand mentions.
  •  MethodologyThe exact methods that could be used to make GAIO effective have not yet been developed or standardized.
  •  Acceptance and use: To become relevant for GAIO, LLMs must be used by a sufficient number of users for product-related questions and recommendations.
  •  Performance measurementTools and metrics for measuring the success of GAIO activities are not currently available, but it is expected that such tools could be developed in a similar way to SEO analysis tools.

GAIO: How your brand stands out in AI chatbots like ChatGPT and co

Are backlinks important?

Backlinks, are Connections from one website to another. They play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO), as they are usually seen as a kind of "recommendation" for the linked page. Search engines such as Google use backlinks as one of the many factors to evaluate the relevance and authority of a website.

Types of backlinks

  • Natural backlinksThese links are generated without any direct action on the part of the owner of the linked website, usually because the content is considered useful or informative.
  • Manually built backlinksThese links are created through deliberate linking activities, such as blogger or influencer outreach.
  • Self-created backlinksThese links are set by website owners through blog comments, forum posts or even setting up profiles on other websites.

Relevance and quality

Not all backlinks are created equal. Search engines consider factors such as:

  • Relevance of the linking pageA backlink from a thematically similar page is usually rated higher.
  • Authority of the linking pageA link from an established, trustworthy site carries more weight than a link from a new or less well-known site.
  • Anchor text: The visible text of a link (anchor text) can be used to better understand the context of the link.


Unnatural link building methods, such as buying backlinks, can lead to a Penalty by search engines. It is therefore important to use ethical SEO methods when building backlinks.

GAIO: How your brand stands out in AI chatbots like ChatGPT and co

The challenge: Visibility in Large Language Models (LLM)

One of GAIO's main goals is to ensure the visibility of brands and products in widely used LLMs such as ChatGPT or Google Bard. The responses from these models could play a decisive role in the future. Influence on purchasing decisions. For example, if you ask Bing Chat for the best toaster, the AI recommends a Philips product. But how do these recommendations come about?

The relevance of brand names

In contrast to traditional SEO, where backlinks are the main criterion for relevance, GAIO focuses on Brand names. AI obtains its recommendations and information from secondary sources such as specialist magazines or blogs. The company's own website plays a less central role in this context, as users are less likely to be redirected there.

The development of GAIO strategies

GAIO is still in its infancy and there are two main barriers that need to be overcome: First, a sufficient number of users need to be convinced of the efficiency of chat-based searches. Secondly, a clear understanding of how GAIO methods should be designed needs to be developed.

Improvements and future prospects

The AI models themselves must also be further developed become. While Bing Chat can already provide nuanced and reasoned recommendations, Google Bard remains rather superficial. While ChatGPT provides rich context, it often fails when it comes to recommending products. However, advances in technology could lead to these issues being resolved in the foreseeable future.

Analysis tools for GAIO

The biggest challenge for companies is currently the Transparency. To analyze the influence of a brand in the responses of LLMs, new tools are needed that could function similarly to existing SEO tools.

GAIO: How your brand stands out in AI chatbots like ChatGPT and co

Ranking factors and performance measurement

Once the necessary transparency has been created, we need to understand which factors influence the visibility of a brand. The next steps then require the development of strategies and tactics to increase presence and measure success. Microsoft is already planning to integrate Bing Chat Reports into its webmaster tools to provide initial insights.

GAIO is More than a theoretical concept. As Generative AI models become firmly established in digital marketing, engagement with GAIO becomes inevitable. Companies that invest early in this new discipline could benefit from a first-mover advantage. benefit and increase their visibility in a rapidly changing market.


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