How good landing pages are built

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January 18, 2020

The creation of a so-called landing page always pursues a specific goal, namely that conversions are achieved. This means that landing pages are created with the intention of directing visitors to them in order to encourage them to make a purchase, for example.

The user is prompted with the landing page to buy a product, make a contact request or order or subscribe to a newsletter.

Essentials of the landing page

When the visitor arrives specifically at the landing page, he is usually not yet familiar with the product or service. For this reason, the first impression of the landing page is crucial so that the user does not jump off again immediately. Thus, it is important that the design is appealing, the page appears clear and trustworthy.

Essentials of the landing page
Essentials of the landing page

It is also important that the layout and content of the landing page match the search query. With regard to the usability of the website or landing page, it should be easy to get to the desired content. The direct relationship of the landing page to the ad (or the Google snippet) is also crucial.

Furthermore, it is essential for the landing page user that it is made easy for him and that he has no difficulties in purchasing a service and receiving his desired content.

The quality of your own landing page

The quality of the landing page can be determined very well with the so-called trunk test. This test was invented by Steve Krug, who is an expert in usability. To understand this test, you need to imagine the following:

You're packed into a trunk, then driven around and have to reorient yourself after you get out. What is needed to get reoriented? In this trunk test, these are mainly the following aspects:

  • Logo and name of the company
  • Name of the website and headline
  • What is found on the page or what is the core content?
  • Where am I currently located on the website?

It is important that the content guidance through the page is clear and intuitive. If this point has been effectively implemented, then the most important step has been taken.

Steve Krug's guiding principle in this context is: "Don't make me think." In other words, the user should not have to think or ponder for long. This guiding principle is also the principle for designing the UX (= user experience) of any landing page.

How a landing page should be built
How a landing page should be built

How a landing page should be built

Unfortunately, there is no formula or recipe for the structure of your own landing page, how this implementation should be designed fundamentally. However, in addition to the content already listed from Steve Krug's trunk test, the following points are extremely important:

  1. For the landing page menu, make the home page (or "Home") appealing.
  2. In addition, imprint & data protection are to be executed comprehensively and correctly.

It is also crucial that the visitor is not distracted by too many navigation options or by external links, which primarily distract from the actual content of the landing page.

Conclusion about the landing page

The landing page is, if it is designed appealingly and for example also on the basis of the criteria of the trunk test, a suitable and moreover modern marketing instrument.

However, no general guidance can be given for the structure and design of the landing page, since a page for fashion, for example, is to be designed differently than a landing page for coaching.

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