Professional WordPress Maintenance & Service

WordPress maintenance contract: So that you can fully concentrate on your core business! We take care of the security and maintenance of your WordPress installation.

WordPress Maintenance & Service you can rely on

You work hard on your business. Our team of WordPress experts makes sure that technology doesn't get in your way. We maintain and support your website or WooCommerce online shop.


Maleware & Security

We check your website daily for malware and other security-related problems. This way, we can react quickly to threats together with you and protect you.

Daily cloud backups

Daily to hourly backups of your website on secure AWS servers. In case of hardship, we can restore your website with just a few clicks. So you can sleep peacefully.

SEO keyword monitoring

Monitor and track the development of your keywords in Google. This way you can better evaluate SEO measures and react quickly to possible changes. Because your keyword ranking is valuable.


We update WordPress and plugins at least once a month or as soon as we become aware of security-related updates.

Performance monitoring

Thanks to regular uptime and performance monitoring, we can detect overload peaks and failures of your website. Furthermore, you receive valuable information on the general performance.



If you ever need help, we are there to assist you by phone or e-mail. You can rely on us if there should ever be any problems.

WordPress maintenance

Maintenance work and maintenance contract

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world and is inherently secure. However, due to its widespread use, WordPress is also a particular focus of attacks and hacker attacks. As a rule, WordPress core developers and plugin developers promptly close any security vulnerabilities that become known. However, this security through rapid updates can only be effective if you also regularly install updates for your website and keep an eye on possible WordPress security vulnerabilities.

As soon as you miss current updates or do not install them in time, there is an increased risk for your WordPress installation. It can quickly happen that known security vulnerabilities are actively exploited and your website is attacked because of the updates that have not yet been installed.

We not only take care of the updates of your website, but also a complete maintenance concept including daily cloud backups, security scans, performance and uptime monitoring as well as many other services.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself type and would like to install your updates yourself, our monitoring package is the right one for you. We create regular backups for you and keep you up to date on possible security problems.

Maintenance service

Concentrate on your core business

We would like to support you in focusing more on your core business again and simply take the monthly WordPress maintenance work off your hands. If you wish, we can of course support you not only with maintenance but also with the further development of your WordPress website.

Our offer is aimed at commercial customers who, for example, run blogs, company presences or online shops (WooCommerce) based on WordPress and need support with WordPress maintenance.

No suitable standard solutions? We look forward to personal contact with you and will then be happy to submit anindividual offer for your WordPress website(s).

Individual work:
Adjustments to the site's theme, setup of additional plugins, development of individual plugins or performance optimisation can be both part of an individual maintenance package or commissioned additionally if required.

An overview of all the services we can perform for you as WordPress developers and programmers , can befound here.

Our basic WordPress maintenance contracts

Our basic maintenance contracts are specially tailored and ideal for small to medium-sized websites. Do you have larger requirements for the maintenance of your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop? We are also happy to offer you individual maintenance as well as further development of your website. Please feel free to contact us!

Costs for the maintenance contract

We have compiled several standard packages in the upper section for the maintenance of an average WordPress company presence or a blog and an online shop based on WooCommerce.


For very extensive websites or shops with individualised plugins, we will also be happy to submit an individual offer. To make the process as easy as possible for you, you can use the linked form for a maintenance service request.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions and details about the service

Below you will find further details on our WordPress maintenance contracts as well as information on frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions or would like advice on an individual offer, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Do the maintenance packages apply to each website regardless of its size?

With the standardised packages, we try to cover the average WordPress company website, blog or WooCommerce shop. However, due to the individuality and also possible complexity of each website, we cannot offer the packages for every WordPress website without exception.

As part of your request, we will check your website and the installed plugins. If it turns out that we cannot offer you sufficient maintenance work at the standard package prices, we will submit an individual offer to you.

Does a maintenance contract apply to several websites?

No, separate maintenance contracts must be concluded for each WordPress installation. Multisite systems are also excluded from the standard packages and require an individual request.

How often are updates carried out?

We perform the updates in the runtime packages once a month or step in and update your site as part of Proactive Protection.

What is meant by "repair"?

If compatibility problems or errors occur on your site after updating a plugin, theme or WordPress version, we will fix them for a fee at the agreed hourly rate.

What does OnPage monitoring involve?

A detailed OnPage analysis is the cornerstone for good rankings on Google & Co. We regularly monitor your website with the help of automated crawlers and inform you once every 3 months if there should be errors or problems on your website that could limit your ranking or the quality of the website. This includes many ranking-relevant factors such as incorrectly placed headlines, errors in the meta information, duplicate content, URLs that cannot be found (404), performance data and much more.

We will also be happy to support you in rectifying the errors found and submit an individual offer for this, if you do not wish to rectify the errors yourself. The offer is based on the agreed hourly rate.

Which questions are answered by the support?

As part of our support, we answer general questions about WordPress and, as far as we can, questions about your theme and the plugins you use. You can find more information in the WordPress Support section.

What counts as editorial work?

We consider editorial work to be support in maintaining the content of your website: entering predefined texts (no text creation) or images.

What does "proactive protection" mean?

If we become aware of a potential threat to WordPress websites, e.g. through the current news situation or other sources, we would apply appropriate updates to your website as soon as possible if they are available.

Is the maintenance contract a security guarantee against hackers or attacks?

Regular updates and maintenance work significantly reduce the risk of a hack or other misuse of your website. However, we cannot give a guarantee against hacks, malware infestation or other attacks.

The security of a WordPress website is based on several factors, of which regular maintenance is only a part. If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact us directly.

What are the terms of payment and which method of payment is possible?

The lump-sum remuneration of the maintenance contracts is invoiced for 3 months in advance in each case. If additional costs arise due to repair work or other services, these will be invoiced at the end of the month.

You can transfer your bills or have them conveniently collected by SEPA direct debit.

Should you be interested in a monthly payment method, this is also possible for a small surcharge.

What access data is required?

In order to be able to react as quickly as possible in an emergency, it is important that we have all the relevant access data right from the start. This includes, for example, the following data:

  • WordPress Administrator Access
  • (S)FTP access
  • SSH access (if available)
  • Access data to the MySQL database and PhpMyAdmin
  • Access to the web hoster's panel if required
Are paid or premium plug-ins also updated?

If you use paid premium plugins on your website, the licence costs are not part of the maintenance flat rate. We can gladly extend the plug-in licences for you and then add the corresponding licence costs or you book the licences yourself and provide us with the corresponding data.

In some cases, we already have developer or agency licences for certain plugins, so we can extend your premium plugins at more favourable conditions or even free of charge.

Are updates first checked in a test environment?

If this has not been agreed within the framework of an individual maintenance contract, updates are installed directly on the live page. Should problems arise, a restore can be carried out using a previously created backup or a repair can be carried out for a fee.

Do I have to change my web host for the maintenance service?

No, we maintain your website on your existing web space. If this is not ideal for your WordPress website, we will be happy to advise you on this. In principle, however, you can stay with your current web hoster, a move is not necessary.

Is the website offline during the updates?
Where and for how long are the backups stored?

We store the backups of your website on an external service to be able to keep the data even if there are problems with your server. The backups are stored in an Amazon AWS S3 bucket in Ireland (Europe).

Backups are created incrementally and backed up for 30 days. If necessary, we can restore your website with a few clicks.

What is performance monitoring?

We regularly monitor the current performance of your website. In this way, you can regularly track whether the performance has changed due to changes to the website or updates, for example.

What is Uptime Monitoring?

We monitor whether your page is unavailable, for example, due to overloads, server failures or other problems. Without uptime monitoring, it is usually not possible to detect whether a page is down in the meantime.

Keyword Monitoring, what is it?

Tell us the most important keywords for your website and we will monitor your ranking for these keywords. You will receive weekly or monthly reports on your keyword ranking on request.

A maximum of 100 keywords per website are monitored and evaluated.

WordPress Support

Insofar as this is included in the selected maintenance package, the Provider shall support the Customer by telephone in all important matters relating to WordPress, plugins, themes, etc. Support services exceeding the contractually agreed time will be invoiced at € 20.00 net plus VAT for each additional 15 minutes or part thereof.

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